What’s Mythic Up To?

Mythic invited bloggers down to it’s office, and some via Skype.  As one that came from the trenches, and got my video game blogging chops from Warhammer Online, I am intrigued as to what the hubbub, There are some news of fortresses returning, class reworkings, and more scenarioss, with more news to come. These Bloggers are under an NDA so they can’t rightly say, but if they can’t say why invite them there to get others hyped up.

Mythic is the master of hype, and they know how to tickle a funny bone, which they once sent me for a promotion. Is it a little too little, too late though. Can this pull Warhammer out of the muck, and mire. I don’t know…My heart wishes it will……but my head thinks there is a bell tolling somewhere, and it tolls for Warhammer.

What could save it? A third faction that we always been begging for would be a great start.

2 Responses to “What’s Mythic Up To?”

  1. Blah, I’m sick of this kind of PR. It’s like in gym class when you climb the rope it tickles your balls all the way to the top, but when you slide down your balls get road rash and you can’t jack off for weeks. Tickle my nuts or light them on fire. I just want to know if I should by KY or Second Skin

  2. Here’s my guess to how it will go: the bloggers will be under NDA and have posts ready to go up once the news breaks. They may or may not all be reporting on a different aspect of what they were shown, it just their take on it.

    As for what it entails, I thought fortresses would have been a big reveal, but apparently not. My guess is another game “pack” around a similar price point. Possible cross server scenarios.

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