Slave to the Grind

So I’m freaking about the gear grind, and I stumbled onto some things that really started filling out my gear. Which is nice cause my guild is too far ahead of me, and I have to solo alot.

1. You can buy justice points with honor points, you get 250 Justice for 350 honor,  So all that PvPing leveling up, really paid off.

2. You get a tabard you get rep, even in regular dungeons 80 dungeons.  I did Regular Violet Hold, didn’t take that long, and when I killed the bosses I got 300 rep per, not bad I think if your knocking around solo.

3. Doing Cataclysm regular dungeons half way geared is easy sauce indeed.

4. There are some nice pieces of gear on the AH for relatively cheap, I got a mace, and the Amani Handguard Bracers for about 2k gold.

5. There’s some nice craftable pieces, if only Chaos Orbs were purchasable, I heard it’s soon, but not soon enough.

So I look forward to gearing up my Pally….

….so he can collect dust, and I can level my Mage.



4 Responses to “Slave to the Grind”

  1. Don’t be afraid to ask around about the crafteds. I know at least one of our blacksmith’s is sitting on at least half a dozen orbs and has no real need for them.

  2. Do the cheap prices at the AH mean the player base is thinning a little bit due to Rift?

  3. Oh Great Pic BTW.

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