Why I don’t like RP in MMO’s

RP has come up again lately, and if anyone who follows my blog, they may think that I don’t like Role Playing in general. Do I like Roleplaying? Yes, I love Roleplaying. I love gathered with my friends around a table, and acting out how our characters would react in a world created by our imaginations.  I just hate Roleplaying in MMO’s with a passion and I will tell you why.

It boils down to one word Freedom.

I think an interesting distinction was made on a post I just read.  A debate almost about the difference between something you become versus someone your allowed to play as, otherwise a character versus avatar – I read a pretty interesting post by Rowenblaze about the difference, and semantics of some terms. Here’s where my major issue is with RP in games, In video games you do play an avatar, and as an avatar you are limited to certain things the avatar can do. Where as in roleplaying the only guidelines you have is a general set of rules.  For example if I want to jump in WoW, I can only hit the space bar, and jump a certain way, but in D&D lets say, I want to jump on a bunch of boxes and toss a dagger then I can do it, given the right dice rolls of course.

Traditional RPG’s have a freedom, that video games lack.  Wolfshead was talking about the state of MMO’s, how they are not truly virtual worlds.  I tend to agree with him. To me Roleplaying in WoW is equal to playing the Shoe in Monopoly, Sure you can move the shoe forward or send it to jail, but you are not the shoe.  The great thing about my hatred of Roleplaying within MMO’s is that Blizzard has helped me immensely by making their game, well more into a game. As MMO’s continue to take away the virtual world of things, and make things into a game like Blizzard,  Role playing will never be fully realized.

The day an MMO comes out where I can play a character, and join a party, and stab them in the back because I am chaotic evil, I will print out this post, and make a youtube video of me eating it. Until then….Roleplaying in MMO’s is dead, if not on I hear the bells toll, and they toll for it.  Am I wrong? Where are the champions of RP?  Is there anyone to prove me wrong? The only one that ever tried has left you, and she knows the truth of it.

PS…The Picture really has nothing to do with the posts, I figured since I’m pissing off the RP’ers again, might as well piss off the feminists again too.

5 Responses to “Why I don’t like RP in MMO’s”

  1. If you think your post’s first reference is an MMO, then I suggest you invest in some Pepto.

    • theerivs Says:

      The first reference isn’t, but it got me thinking of RP, and I always toss Scary a bone when I can

  2. You’re right. I don’t really roleplay in WOW or other games. Most of of my “roleplay” comes in developing back-stories and motivations for my characters. The game just helps me envision their circumstances. As a matter of fact, I am trying to figure out how to pull some of my characterizations from WoW into a fantasy-but-non-WoW novel. It’s hard because some their traits are wrapped up in the classes and professions they are in the game.

  3. Ok, that cheerleader is in a stadium of people. Now imagine a stadium of ants under her crotch. I feel the universe needs more giant women squatting over us.

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