Thursday Geekery – Green Lantern

Well one of my friends pointed out to me, you like to tout yourself as a geek site, and not just an MMO video game site yet you rarely post things that our geeky in nature, like movies, comics, etc, etc. He also called me a douchebag, but that’s more then a term of endearment.

I want to talk about the movie Green Lantern. I went to see it last week. I enjoyed it. Was it Casablanca, no it wasn’t, but I enjoyed the movie all the same.

So I am a comic book nerd as well, I have boxes of comic books stored, and I still stop at the local comic book store to “look” around, and buy lots of stuff. The thing about comic books I have come to learn, sometimes they don’t keep to a certain lore, or they try to redefine themselves from time to time. So when it came to Green Lantern movie, I had to suspend what I knew about the lore of the Green Lantern. Treat it as it’s own entity. Let them tell the story the way they want to tell it. To many of my fellow comic book nerds want the movie to follow the canon of their hero verbatim, and when that just doesn’t happen they get upset.

Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordan did a good job. Hal was a smart ass, a bit of a slacker before he got the ring, and a  rebel in the comic books, which Ryan pulled off well . Alot of people thought Ryan wasn’t the right choice, I think he was an ok choice, who really made the Green Lantern his own. 

I have also heard the complaint that there was too much CGI, It’s based on a  comic book and really something are just really hard to pull off without CGI.   I think they were just nitpicking here, and sometimes when it comes to movies I get sick of tearing it all apart.

Of course you should always make your own decision, but I liked the movie, and will most likely buy it on Blu-ray when it comes out. If not just to see Blake again…Woof.

7 Responses to “Thursday Geekery – Green Lantern”

  1. Have you ever went to a movie because you laughed your ass off at the trailer just to find out that those scenes were the only funny parts in the entire thing? Same thing with action movies, in that you see the best stuff in the previews and you don’t see anything special during the actual viewing. So, usually even bad movies have decent trailers. However, I didn’t get that with Green Lantern. Of course, I’m not familiar with the character, but it really looks like its Ryan Reynolds, playing his standard chick flick/goofy guy from Waiting in a CGI jumpsuit. Nothing about the trailer made me say “wow, I want to see that.”

  2. How do you do a magic ring that can create anything you imagine (except color) without CGI?

  3. I’m a Green Lantern fan since childhood. My Brother was into Batman and Superman. We used to collect their comics. He used to make fun of my love of GL, but here’s the rub.

    Batman – a rich white guy. Superman – An alien white guy. (not complaining)

    Green Lantern, however, could be anyone! Have you seen the representatives of the Corps???

    You can be black, white, green, purple, thin, fat, ugly, have no shape at all. The RING chose you based on your character!!!! THAT was the comic book for me! Although, I’m not sure WHY the Guardians picked Sinestro… I never really liked him from the first time I saw him in print.

    I forgot who played him in the movie, but whoever did was excellent at it. I knew I wasn’t gonna like him, but wanted him still to be a good member of the Corps. Towards the end of the movie, he gets the Guardians to forge the yellow ring who’s power is based on fear. (the only thing that the original Lanterns did not know anything about)

    This sets up the sequel, because (spoiler) to those who didn’t follow the GL Corps, Sinestro becomes corrupt by the yellow ring and its power. He eventually changes his “uniform” to yellow and has to be subdued. Later he gets a different ring based on magic. ( I think) and then dawns a purple outfit that matches his skin sorta. Same style uniform even thought at that point he isn’t in the Corps. (no imagination)

    I loved the movie and I think

    • Looks like I typed too much! Here’s the rest:

      I loved the movie and I think Ryan was a good fit. Why not, he was in XMen also. Can anyone say type cast? LOL

      The only other person I can see in that role would be Dane Cook. However, his personality seems too over the top. Too “rebelious” for the rebel role so to speak. But I like Dane anyway. 🙂

      Can’t wait to see the sequel(s)! I figure there is least a trilogy in this franchise!

      • Considering it is underperforming at the box office and failing to resonate with critics, I kind of doubt it will even get a sequel.

  4. Critics know nothing! I know a lot of movies critics didn’t like that were great!

    As far as sequels go, it doesn’t matter cause worst movies than Green Lantern. Besides, I seriously don’t think the so-called critics followed Green Lantern. Sounds like they were Batman/Superman fans.

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