Tanking Anxiety

So tonight I take my Protadin into some dungeons to get some major xp, and to get my pally to 85 finally. Darraxus wrote about being anxious about heading back to PvE.  As a mage I never really worried about it, hell I toss up a fire shield, and stand in the fire a bit just to be an asshole, alas as a Tank it’s different. You are the leader supposedly. Now I been in a one or two of the new dungeons and my performance was pretty good. No wipes, except I didn’t know you were suppose to hop into the whirlwinds in Vortex Pinnacle, and looked like a HUGE NEWB.

I haven’t Tanked since Burning Crusade, so stepping back into that role has me worried, especially since the Paladin has changed, and is constantly changing *cough* Holy Shield *cough*  I’ve been reading a gross amount of stuff on blogs, and forums to get me up to speed on gear, specs, and other fun stuff. It’s just the fact that no matter how much you read, you really have to get in there and just do it.

Sad thing is I’m kind of excited about the 85 gear grind on my pally when I finally do hit 85. So tonight is the night I put my big boy pants, and get my tanking on. I would love to hear any suggestions or idea you might have, like what rep would be the best to get first, stuff like that.

7 Responses to “Tanking Anxiety”

  1. My best comment would be to turn off party chat. Pugs will be horrible with a starting tank sadly. They want the full epic and forget that you need to get gear to get to the epics.

    Get a guild group, take your time. If you have to pug, be ready for the insults.

    As for tanking itself I suggest you actually research some of this stuff before heading in and don’t do random but actually target the ones you know. Read a bit on the fights even if only for a few moments.

    On heroic, Vortex P and Lost city are good starters. Blackrock caverns/stonecore/and grim batol are the hardest.

  2. HoO has a ton of tanking gear in it along with a tanking weapon if I am remembering correctly.

    I know that you need Earthen Ring for the head enchant and Theramore for the shoulder enchant. At exalted there is something that Guardians of Hyjal have that you want.

  3. Vosskah over at Swordboard.wordpress.com has a very informative post regarding tanking.

    He also has cheatsheets that cover the normal and heroic dungeons before the Zul’ aman release. They should still be of some good use for you.

    They helped Zaren a whole lot. And definately turn off group chat while in a pug. If the pugger was so great at tanking, he’d BE TANKING! 😛

    Also, doing a few runs as Dps will probably help. As a Tank, you have to be aware of all that is going on around you. As a Dps, you have more time to see what the Tank does or should do in an instance. Thats how I practiced for Heroics in Wrath. Watch the Tank…do all the good stuff…don’t do the bad stuff.

    Besides, you know Dps has more time on their hands, because they have all this time to type out what you are and/or did wrong. (while allegedly they are dpsing)

  4. Also…

    My only 85 Tank is Horde, but Dragonmaw rep seems to have some good stuff for plate wearers. You’ll also want the shoulder enchant from Theramane and the Helm enchant from…I can’t remember…

    Problem is that the rep stuff takes so long even with the tabard.

    Good luck

  5. I just recently dinged 85 with my tank alt and have done a ton of pugs. Most of my experiences have been on the okay-to-good side of things. A few shitty groups and a few assholes.

    My biggest piece of advice is to try to come close to a complete set of 333 gear before you jump into heroics. Run regular randoms to re-learn the ropes of tanking and to get your gear. There are a couple of nice tank rewards from the quests and a good number of drops. You can also get a nice lvl 333 weapon and shield from the pre-Twilight Highlands quest and the Nakrall the Drake Tamer quest in TH.

    Also, lvl 333 tank gear is usually pretty cheap on the AH. Pick up Impetuous Query. One of our raiding pally tanks still has it (it is good). I was also able to pick up the cloak Shroud of Dark Memories for very cheap. The Hardened Obsidium Helm is a good starter headpiece, although it is only lvl 308.

    Finally, get your head enchant from the Earthen Ring, then grind Wildhammer rep. You will get a nice 346 helm at revered and epic boots at Exalted. You should be able to get revered with Therazane by doing all their quests (shoulder chant and 346 ring). I think you can ignore Guardians of Hyjal now, and go for the cloak that gets rewarded from the new Thrall questline with 4.2.

  6. Donthealme Says:

    Check the ah for both the crafted belt and shield, on my server they are selling for like 1500g each which you should have easily made while leveling. In addition buy the query(mastery trinket) do the thrall questline for the cloak, this will give you a real nice headstart on gear. From there just run normals for whatever you need to round out your gear, make sure you have some type of name plates and be quick with taunts. At this point with you just starting dps will pull…..a lot, ignore the elitist attitudes(be an asshole back, chances are these asses are not from real top end guilds) and just go to work.

  7. Mitchell Says:

    As always, paladin tanking is much-beloved by Blizzard as evidenced by the huge array of tools you have at your disposal to hold aggro and survive everything.

    Gem and reforge for mastery; mastery is your best secondary stat. After that, reforge to get dodge and parry percentages (not rating) roughly equivalent.

    Mark targets and ask for CC until you’re confident in your skill and gear, and your healer’s skill and gear. Once you’re sure it’s all good then you can go back to saying things like “sheep something, please” or even “here we go”.

    Use your cooldowns early. Guardian of Ancient Kings is worth a lot more mitigation when you’re at 90k health than it is when you’re at 10k heatlh. Pop your wings. Fire off Ardent Defender the first time you flirt with 35% health. Divine Plea as you run into the trash packs.

    Divine Plea / Inquisition / Exorcism to pull the boss and you should have no difficulty with dps pulling threat on you before your vengeance stacks render the whole point moot. Crusader Strike every other GCD (hammer of the righteous instead for AOE), and try to keep Inquisition up.

    Keep at it … it’ll all get easier with practice.

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