Happy Burfday Felicia Day!

To my hugest crush ever, Felicia Day. When I meet you at Comic Con.  I know it will be love at first site, well at least on this side anyways.

Anyway, I hope you have a very Happy Burfday and many more.


As a side note HOLY SHIT BRUCE CAMPBELL at Comic Con as well…ok maybe I got a little man crush too.  Damn I’m going to be broke.

One Response to “Happy Burfday Felicia Day!”

  1. Love her!!!
    Not sure how I wound up here.. but totally glad I did, facing same sort of issues with my druid.. still leveling up though, and trying to figure it out – total lame ass.
    I love healing.. when I am sober or not exhausted (more often), which is not most of the time that I can log on.

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