I don’t want to speak ill of the dead.

Other’s will give you more enlightenment on this subject, but basically a dated MMO is going away to make way for a new better title. No surprise here. I never played SWG, for a few reasons, it felt kind of carebearish, it seemed riddled with problems that even a major overhaul couldn’t fixed, and no stand out “Oh my gawd, I so want to play this!” kind of moment while looking at all the stuff, and propaganda for it.

I never played it, so I won’t speak ill of it to0 much. In this time SOE needs some extra coin, it sucks for them. I feel though they had a great license, and kind of blew it. It should of been a huge game, the IP is there, but the game itself I felt was lackluster.  It was like the Rancor, it was old, big, ugly and bloated, and like the Rancor Keeper the players loved it, and will weep for it, but as for me…not so much.

So all I will say is May the Force be with you SWG, and Rest In Peace.

2 Responses to “I don’t want to speak ill of the dead.”

  1. I began playing it the day it went live. I only played for maybe a year though, so I can’t speak for many of the major changes that the game undertook. However, I greatly enjoyed many aspects about the game.

    I absolutely loved the Creature Handler class. It was pretty awesome traversing the various planets, most of them filled with dangerous monsters, in search of their babies. Of course, when they were grown, I was insanely overpowered. I could tank just about anything with my Grauls. Also, the mining system was pretty sweet. I loved setting up new extractors in the different areas. It was awesome just exploring, baby nabbing, and mining. I didn’t really miss pve or pvp for that matter.

  2. It’s odd to me that you say it felt carebearish, as it was pretty much the first big experience I had in MMO PvP. Imperial commandos invading tatooine and my rebel-aligned bounty hunter trying to snipe them dead with my lightning cannon… good times. The two-faction warfare was actually a big part of the game.

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