Weekly Lagout

Special Request – usually I don’t post a picture with Weekly Lagout, but Oakstout asked, and I do deliver. Oddly enough not a whole lot of pictures of women giving the finger, that look hot.

WoW- Just doing the Tanking thing again, and it feels good.

RIFT – Grinding out levels, hopefully I’ll hit 40 this weekend…if I don’t get to drunk, and hit the strip joints.

High Latency Love –

I’m going to give some love to the guys who started it all.

Syp from Bio Break – Back in the day I was writing just my own little personal blog, I would toss some gaming stuff on there. I was all hyped up about Warhammer. I kept reading this blog WAAAGH!,and thinking to myself I could do this.  Thus Way of the Chosen was born, a Warhammer blog, even my banner was cool thanks to a fellow blogger Greg Moran. As a sidenote, I still use Way of the Chosen as kind of a place to put my Fan Fiction, and other stuff.

After a while my love for Warhammer died a bit, and I decided to recreate myself with High Latency Life, following Syp’s lead as well in this matter. So without Syp, there would be no HLL, and whenever he needs something I’m right there to help.

Before I started this video gaming blogging adventure  there is one other man who helped me, and actually foretold of me pigeon holing myself like I did with Way of the Chosen, told me to be more general, cause what if that game didn’t work out. Great guy, and say what you will about him, but I will always look up to him. Tobold, he needs no love, but I still give it to him constantly.

Something Funny.

Meet The Hunter – Simply Hilarious.

With that…



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