Do Hackers Hate Video Gamers?

This Finger is for the Asshats who are hacking video game companies. I know business is war, and in every war there is collateral damage. It’s not so much the identity theft stuff I’m concerned about, it’s the bottomline that I’m worried about. You know some of the brightest people I know in the computer industry love video games. I got a letter this morning about Bioware being hacked now. Do Hackers hate video gamers? Do they even play video games?  The Bottomline I’m talking about is this hacking is costing the video game industry lots of money these attacks, money spent on security is money not spent on making quality games, and people might even lose their jobs.

I’m a network administrator for a small company, and I know how hard it is to maintain security, so I feel for the game companies, it’s like a never ending battle, the problem is here it’s not the man who is suffering. These idiots don’t realize it’s the people who suffer, the lay offs, the companies tightening their belts, etc.

In my youth, I did a bit of hacking and piracy so I’m not going to preach to long about this subject,  because that would make me a hypocrite, all I have to say is I don’t do it now because I know that in the end it’s the little guy who suffers. You think you’re striking a blow against the “Man”, or am some sort of modern day Robin Hood. Those are just delusions. When companies start losing money the executives are the very last to feel the pinch.

I admire that out of all this there will be some better security at game companies, but you tell that to the Father of 3 kids who just got laid off cause his company had to boost there IT security dept, and didn’t have enough money in the budget for that guy.

2 Responses to “Do Hackers Hate Video Gamers?”

  1. You couldn’t find one half naked woman giving us the finger? I am so ashamed of you right now I don’t know what to do.

    Are hackers dicks? Yes, because they screw with things that I enjoy, mainly gaming. But Hacking is like any other activity, there has to be a measuring stick to see how good you are at it. If there wasn’t a Mount Everest how would climbers have something to gauge their climbing skill against. Same with Hackers, if they hack a big company, they have achieved their goal or won the prize. Although this is something that only a few will even get recognized for by their piers unless they get arrested, its still a way to measure how good they are.

    I’m not saying there are asshats who only hack to cause mayhem and damage, like athletes that take drugs or steroids. These hackers want the fame and they want to destroy all in their path. These hackers are giving hacking a bad name.

    its different sides of the same coin.

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