Restoring My Faith

There’s been alot of talk on Holy Shield in the Protadin community. As well as a bunch of other Pallie changes got my Tanking juices flowing. So I decided let’s do an instance tonight.

I got into Stonecore. So I warned the group. I never did Stonecore would you like me to leave. They all said it wasn’t that hard, that I would do fine. We took our time, and they told me the strats plain and simple, like “Stay out of the crystals”, or ” Purple stuff is bad”. We cracked a few jokes, had some fun, and even though I won a hit trinket which was way better then my 200, and 245 ilevel trinkets, it gave an agility boost, and the rogue could of used it more, so I gave it to him.

It was one of those PUGS that really restore your faith in the WoW community. I wonder is Blizzard weeding out some of the lazy ones with the harder dungeons, the Wrath babies as their called I think, and all that we have left are those dedicated few who love to run dungeons, and know what their doing.

I don’t know but after such a good PUG run, I feel my faith restored in WoW, and might start tanking more…..until the other 99% of the PUGs beat me down again.

One Response to “Restoring My Faith”

  1. As a Tank, it’s always good to run across a compitent group!

    Everyone kills the marks they are supposed to and in the order marked. Oh and they know what the marks are! No one is nagging or saying “go go gogogogog.”

    When I get one of those groups, I want to end my dungeon runs for the night. You know, leave on a high note.

    Sorta like George Castanza making that one good joke and then tossing his hands up and saying…”I’m Out…Good Nite! 🙂

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