Opposite Day

It must have been Opposite Day yesterday, let me explain. I started my night by trying to get some xp for my 82 Frost Mage.  Oh Call of Arms for Arathi Basin still going on, don’t mind if I do.

So I got in, not expecting much look around it’s a PUG. I hear in chat. Someone said, DK give us “Path of Frost” Group 1 head to LM, others to BS. ” ,and we all followed his orders. With that DK skill we made it to BS so quick, and I never thought of using that. We crushed the Horde taking 5 nodes. Afterwards I just stood there in shock. Alliance won?  Resoundingly?

I said this had to be a fluke. I requeued. There was my AB leader once more issuing commands, and there was no retort, no “Suck my dick” comments, we actually did what he said, and routed the Horde.  Though with some real good fighting, I had some PvP demon possess me. I was blinking, freezing, bolting my arse off.

In the end the temp leader of our AB’s said, “I don’t know what it is, but if you get BS first the Horde falls apart” It made sense.

Then I went to play RIFT. I queued for Looking for Group, I got a place called Runic Descent. I told my group I never been here, so don’t mind my newbness. The healer after 10 minutes of standing around dropped group. I’m standing there, the rogue said he would try to heal, then the cleric. Lets just say after wiping 10 times. I felt completely drained. Sad thing is these morons are on my server, so I couldn’t blast in a fit of rage. It was just odd I almost always get an awesome group in RIFT, even in PUGs. 

Bad groups in RIFT, Good PvP in WoW, after that I was drained, and I was afraid to play Warhammer Online, I might have had a great PvE experience. It was really a mixed up, backwards day yesterday….Oh that picture…that’s really a dude calling himself Bailey Jay who got famous from 4chan as the Line Trap. Enjoy.

3 Responses to “Opposite Day”

  1. I don’t play RIFT, but I may just try it on a trial basis once I get my main alt to 85. So much to do…so little time.

  2. Even your Tranny’s look hot. CURSE YOU!

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