To Hell With Your Clerics

In some RIFT Circles, lately all I been hearing is Cleric This, or Cleric That.

Let me tell you something they ain’t shit, next to my powerhouse of Warlock/Necro  build, it could use a little tweeking, but as I am leveling this mage build has been my best friend.

Literally a PvE powerhouse, with a Tank pet, or a DPS pet for faster killing, such boons as Sacrifice Life:Mana, Reconstruct, and Soul Purge. In Dungeons I switch my pet out to a casting Revenant.  Sure my DPS isn’t the best, but it’s sustained, and I have some the greatest AOE’s there are.

In PvP, One on One I have not been beat yet by toons my level, even the vaulted Clerics have trouble with the onslaught I give them.

So I’m sick of all this Cleric talk, you want a real leveler you go Mage…or GTFO.

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