Weekly Lagout

RIFT– Rocking out with my…uh staff out. Last night I tagged along as my guild farmed crafting Rift. I got some cool stuff, hopefully I could sell most importantly I got the porticullis in Shimmersand not an easy thing at 38

WoW – Got a few bubs closer to 85. I’m inching my way there, then I will have a choice to do the gear grind, or work on my mage.

WAR– Just grinding my Renown, I really do like this game but without many friends to play it with, it may lose out in the battle.

High Latency Love –

To all the Father’s out there, who stick to your guns, and have a hand raising your children, and love them with all your heart. My Dad is a huge influence in my life, and I love the big lug. Happy Father’s Day!

Something Funny –

Hot Girls, playing Warhammer….Hello!

With that…


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