Trion more XP for PvP, Puhleez!

The XP scale for RIFT someone told me was this… Dungeons > Quests > Rifts > Warfronts.

Well I don’t know if you folks know this about me. I love to kill stuff…alot. So much so I think I may need some therapy. I mean to me on a PvP server Red means Dead.  I gank so much, there has to be people out there that hate the crap out of me. My ganking policies aside, I really feel RIFT is not living up to it’s PvP potential, and definately not rewarding me enough for it.

I really enjoy leveling my toons with PvP, and when a doing a Rift gives way more experience than a winning Warfront, I find issues with that. Sure the name of the game is RIFT. So I guess they want you to do it. I don’t know I think a Warfront is a hell alot more effort….a helluvalot.

Trion had better do something for the PvPers out there, or they are going to lose us. I hear good things coming…Valor changes, new warfronts, and an open PvP zone….but I won’t hold my breath.

2 Responses to “Trion more XP for PvP, Puhleez!”

  1. Ganking? Terrible, just terrible 🙂

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