Who stepped in the RIFT?

So haunting my old guilds forums for RIFT. I noticed some people are leaving the guild to go to a PvE server to find better pastures for raiding. I just don’t get that. PvE raids are all instances, you can make a decent raiding guild on a PvP server, heck back in the WoW days, one of the better raid guild I belonged to was on a PvP server, and we had shit on lockdown.

I felt bad for my Guild these people are cowards, and rather work and build something they would rather move servers, and leech onto someone else accomplishments. My guilds being nice about it, I would probably tell them not to let the door hit them in the arse on the way out.

I guess guild loyalty is a thing of the past, but I am a man who leads by example. I reupped my account, and going to fricking get my toons to 50, and show these mother fuckers how it’s done, and those that leave I will make sure they regret that decision.


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