In Defense for My Hobby

The other night I was hanging out with a really cute girl, and she asked me to do something on July 30th, I said I couldn’t because I hade to go to Gamesday Convention, she looked at me like I just told her I fucked sheep.

Most of my friends don’t know I play video games, and a very select few don’t know just how deep the rabbit hole goes. The ones that do know, if I say something geeky, or nerdy gets a face like I just ripped a fart.ย  I love my friends, I would not want to change them, but I wish they understood better at times.

It seems like people, especially heading towards middle aged-dom must always defend what they do. “A grown ass man (or woman) shouldn’t be playing video games” is what I hear alot. I still get grief from my parents, which is funny in itself. Why must I, in this day and age, keep defending my hobby, cause that’s all it is to me. No better or worse then collecting coins, stamps, art, or a slew of other hobbies.

It’s something I do to relax, and unwind, and once in awhile I grow tired of having to defend what I do for fun. ย 

Now there was a time back in World of Warcraft Vanilla/BC days where I worked at a place where the about 8 guys played WoW, and we would discuss WoW at work, we we’re all in the same guild. If I told them I was going home to farm gold, they didn’t give me a funny look, they would tell me their favorite spot. We would talk for hours about it, and we would raid together and not only play the game but create memories. Like the time Gort our holy paladin was so drunk, he ran into a pack of drackonoids screaming, “Go Team Go” over and over on vent.

Heck I would get more grief missing a raid then anything. I remember getting alot of grief for going out on a date, and not raiding. We did alot together, hell when the guildies gathered for fun, one of my fellow mages passed out, I wrote PvPness on his back, I meant to put PvPnis, but I was hella drunk too. Those were good years, but all things must, and do change.

Maybe I’m just being silly, butย there are times I just wish I could go to one of my friends I hang out with, and go, “I got a raid tonight”, and the response would be, “Need a healer?”, and not a look like I just crawled out of a alien pod plant.

22 Responses to “In Defense for My Hobby”

  1. I’ve found things to have changed a lot over the years. I talk a lot about gaming and when I do get those looks I just plow on through. More often than not people either play games themselves, or have heard my schpiel before so they aren’t bothered.

    Maybe it’s more to do with my age (over 40..omg, did I say that) or the fact I’ve been playing games for over 25 years and it’s just such huge part of who I am but I just don’t care what ‘they’ have to say anymore.

    It is great to be around gamers though- worked with a mate and talked nothign but games all day- great fun I have to say.

  2. I think you just need to embrace it. That’s what I have done. My friends that don’t play had trouble in the beginning when I would go on about it, but as time went on they relaxed and just let me ramble on. Now they just take it as part of me. My family and coworkers are the same. I had one of the mangers here ask me this morning if my guild was sucessful on our Nef attempts last night. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Once I let my gamer geek side out at work. That was a mistake. Every now and then if I say I’m headed home to relax, a co worker would ask, are you going to go swing your Warhammer around? it can be frustrating when people just don’t understand.

  4. Almost everyone you know plays a game in some form or another. I don’t believe I don’t know one person who isn’t playing Angry Birds or Words With Friends on their phones. It isn’t quite the same as say Fallout on the Xbox but it is still gaming in my opinion. However, there is a stereotype that is associated with hardcore nerds. So, when you’re actions or talk begins reminding people of those geeky extremists, it’s not surprising people laugh or scoff at you. So, If you don’t like that, then don’t tell those friends about your activities. You should know by now what friends share similar interests with you and those who don’t.

  5. I have a coworker, that after finding out about my gaming habits, enjoys coming into my office yelling “INTIMIDATING SHOUT!!!”

    I’m sure he’s only exposure to WoW is the Leeroy Jenkins video, but hey atleast he’s trying.

    • Replying to my own reply, because I thought of more…

      I have a guy that I know name Dustin. He is one of those guys that long ago was placed into the friend zone. As we all know, the friend zone is a place you can never leave. It’s like a Chinese finger trap. Anywho, Dustin and his friends have been friends of mine for many years. They have been a big influence in shaping my personality, especially around humor. Being a group of guys, everyone tends to poke fun at someone else, and I am no stranger to that. Do not show weakness, or it shall be exploited.

      Well I made the mistake of letting it slip to this group that I had begun playing WoW and how I enjoyed it. I even told them how I would be visiting my guild members in RL. I got a ton of shit for it. And I took my lashings like a man.

      A few days later Dustin texts me that he is thinking about signing up for a WoW account.

      “You just seem to like it so much.”

      • theerivs Says:

        I’m sorry all I got out of this comment was Chinese finger trap, and took your lashings like a man, the rest makes no sense to me. ๐Ÿ˜›

      • Yeah, he’s just trying to bang.

  6. All of my friends know I’m a gamer. A majority know how passionate about them I am. Some of my coworkers know, but I don’t think any know the extent of my gaming love. For me, that’s just the difference between friends and coworkers. Family is a whole other level. My mother (very much an art/theatre type) once said that all games are just a more advanced versions of “Zelda”. I told her that’s like saying the Mona Lisa is a more advanced version if cave paintings. She was surprised at the analogy, but I think it helped her put things in perspective.

  7. I feel ya. I have some years behind me and some of my real life friends give me grief about WoW.

    It’s got to be jealousy. I’ve told them about the Millions who play the game. Including Celebs that they love that they never would guess do so! Yet even in the face of those facts, they feel the need to say I am addicted to a waste of time. What boring thing should I be doing instead and who are they to dictate how I should relax and unwind??? Whew – deep breath….

    Anyway before I played WoW, I played and no one cared! But let me say anything about WoW or Blizzard and it’s, “here we go again!” from them.

    A couple of my friends played WoW, but now lobby against it like someone cornered them in a dark alley and injected WoW into their veins and they’re just recovering from the effects…sheeze.

    Life is short! Enjoy yourself however you want to! As long as you don’t hurt someone in the process, unwind and decompress as best you can. You’ll live longer! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • theerivs Says:

      Great comment, and a great blog you have I added to the infinite blogroll I have.

      • Thank you! I’m new to the blog thing and seems my original blogroll/reference sites mostly decided that they are done with WoW.

        So… I started my own. Don’t expect me to be an expert, but I do have some thoughts about the WoW I love so much!

  8. It would be nice if people would just be cool with it. Not sure what the stigma is. I mean it’s not like watching TV where you’re doing absolutely nothing.

    At least those of us that do game get it. May not be for everyone but at least we can log in to our support groups so to speak.

    • It has been proven that people who play video games can make decisions quicker that the average person.

      Not to mention the hand eye coordination benefit also! ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Victoriafr Says:

    Grahh, my girl friends are like that… Like “argh.. WoW sucks!” ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    I’ve grown tired of defending it, so I just leave them be..

  10. I took up guns as a second hobby. Funny… now no one makes fun of me….

  11. As a 49 yr old gaming mom I get odd looks all the time…. from non-gamers. Apparently I should be researching retirement homes and knitting socks. Okay so I knit but that’s beside the point. My husband and three sons are gamers as well as 2 nephews and their wives. It’s nice having other females to talk to about games instead of Tupperware.

    Currently one of my sons dates a non-gaming lady. She doesn’t get it. I doubt she ever will with comments like “Eww they show blood when you kill it?!” Or when watching us tear through a Rift she replies “I don’t get it.”

    *bangs head on desk* I can’t control who my guys fall in love with but I will continually chant “Date a gamer chic or your out of the will.” People just don’t get it.

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