My Thoughts on SWTOR Intro Cinematic

Syp gave his thoughts, I thought I would give mine…cause I’m more evil minded compared to that goody two shoes, but I’ll go the extra mile and give 9

9 Thoughts of the Intro Cinematic.

1. That Smuggler look like Chuck Norris a little or is it just me.

2. Giving bad ass stuff to other classes might not flood the Jedi/Sith camps so much such as duel wielding smugglers, or big gatling gun troopers.

3. Empire Classes not as represented here as much as Republic Side.

4. I don’t care lightsaber fights are the mother fucking bomb.

5. Had some humor in it, which is always good.

6. I never did like how ships translate out of warp in Star Wars, it’s like they step on the brakes super fast. I like how Warhammer 40k ships do it, they emerge from a wormhole. Thats just me being uber nerd picky though.

7. Twi’leks not that sexy, those two dangly things from the head freak me out…just saying.

8. It’s interesting as we see this story evolve kind of in reverse, time line wise I think it goes, Cinematic, Hope, then Decieved, and we see Malgus ascend to power in the Cinematic.

9. I don’t want to spoil the end of the trailer for you, but “Welcome Home Master”  yeah I got a huge boner there at the end.

Overall a pretty decent trailer, that feeds my hype monster…real bad.



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