Mila Kunis was my Pocket Healer!

So one day a while back in Vanilla I was farming cloth from Ogres near Karazhan as was my thing to do, then out of no where came running a hot female night elf priest comes running by, screaming “HELP!”

So I helped her out, and she came and thanked me, she said her name was Mila. So after that we became friends, and we would level together, me tanking, her healing. It was glorious times. I think she said she was in entertainment, I told her I was a NFL player.  She always asked for pics, and since I didn’t have many, so I just used some pics of Tom Brady from New England, he sort of looks like me if I lost 300 pounds, and got plastic surgery.

After a long time of carrying on, I decided to come clean tell Mila. I decided to do it over vent, and before she could speak, I told her the truth, ” I am not an NFL player, or Tom Brady. I’m just a chubby dude near Chicago”  There was a long pause, I could hear the gear grinding so to speak. She said over Vent, in a deep sultry voice, ” That’s ok dude, I’m not really Mila, and I’m really a guy too”

 A few months later Mila quit WoW, and I miss…her….him…it….What you think I got angry, hell no, I don’t care if he called himself Mila Kunis, Pam Anderson, or any other hot girl for that matter. That mother fucker could heal his ass off, he wasn’t going anywhere. I just wish I didn’t give him all that gold just for dancing on the mailbox.

8 Responses to “Mila Kunis was my Pocket Healer!”

  1. I knew you were being fooled from jump because Mila Kunis plays a mage, not a priest.

  2. Me Sloth Says:

    I suspect this entire story was fabricated for the sole purpose of displaying a Mila Kunis picture. Of course, I see nothing wrong with that.

    • theerivs Says:

      Yes and No, I actually think a hot actress playing WoW is the coolest thing ever, and there has to be someone out there who actually played with her, and did stuff with her.

  3. Many Men Online Role Playing Girls

  4. Maybe I’m naive, but I didn’t expect that ending!

    Anyway, it’s good to see gamers with a sense of humor. Hell, nothing like a good pocket healer! LOL

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