It is new idea therefore I fear it, and must reject it

Well I had a bright idea yesterday while reading Pug’s post on leveling together.  Why couldn’t there be a service that teams up women who play MMO’s with guys who play MMO’s that could use someone to speed up their leveling, while having some fun.

Thus I created MMOGFE, or MMO Girlfriend Experience.

It’s a new idea, and who knows one that may or not may take off, but heck I’ve done more stupid things before. So we’ll see I’m kind of testing the market, see if there’s really an interest, from both men or women. Cause I need women to be the girlfriend role. LOL!

Anywho let me know what you think, thoughts?

10 Responses to “It is new idea therefore I fear it, and must reject it”

  1. Silly Rivs, girls don’t play MMOs. Duh.

  2. Does she talk dirty to me over vent? She tell me how big my long sword looks or how she gets horny when I rage in PvP?

  3. theres that gaming service thingy for guys to play with girls already, ( i wonder how they are going customer base wise.)
    I also did see a female player trying to make money on a ebay kinda site selling time with her – she would level with them on a realm of their choice US/Oceanic to level 20 or something for a fee. And it would involve vent if they wanted and her company while leveling.

    Not going to say I like this idea of yours though… I play with people I want to play with and even though your proposing rules, people get a funny sense of entitlement when they think they have paid for a service, and in the case of this service, spending time with a female player if they are paying for it, they may expect her to at least talk flirty.. dirty.. Would they be content to talk about stuff like their preference of professions for lobie leveling. Or My favorite spell..

  4. This sounds a little bit like a pimp/ho relationship. Exactly what percentage does the house take? 🙂

  5. Seems like your going to end up with “Molesters pretending to be 13yr old girls and their”.. anyway hopefully not but be careful… I see lawsuits in your future. :P.

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