Another Cuddly Cute Mount

Well Blizzard got another mount for sale, to be honest better than that Celestial Mount, which I would rather dry hump a porcupine then buy that. Still it’s cutesy, friendly, carebearish kind of pet, and what the flying fuck is up with the braided beard on that mount.

I was wondering what the heck was next from Blizzard, and my inside source found out that there were several flying mounts that will be released in the coming years.

The Next Five Flying Mounts in World of Warcraft.

1. Flying Bunny Rabbit  – With twitching nose cuteness, and finally a use for that Carrot on a Stick again.

2. Flying Koala Bear – When not in use it attaches to your face.

3. Flying Butterfly – You can float from flower to flower is Zangramarsh on this frolliking mount.

4. Flying Naked Arthas with a Saddle – Hey the Fetish crowd plays WoW too.

5. Flying Turd – Let’s be honest it doesn’t matter what Blizz puts out, people will buy it. Can’t wait for my Turd….I’ll be the Shit.

4 Responses to “Another Cuddly Cute Mount”

  1. I would resub if they had flying turds. As long as I could AoE

  2. You know I would totally rock that Koala Bear 😉

  3. That is no carebear. That is Endcat.

    He will end you, and all that you love.

  4. the koala bear just wants cuddles 😦

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