Unleash Chaos

With Gamesday coming to Chicago, I got the bug to load up the Warhammer. I had some hurdles to climb to be sure, but the master of change rewards tenacity, lets begin my tale.

I tried through the website to reactivate my account, it kept saying there was an error. I created a support ticket, they told me to call. So I called, it took 45 minutes of waiting….you heard me I waited 45 minutes. What can I say, I have the patience of Job…ya know that dude from the bible with alot of patience.  So there was some problems with the account, had to reset password, after a bit of work I finally got in.

I log in…where is Iron Rock? It’s gone!!! I log out transfer my toons to Gorfang. Rivs is taken? What bastard has taken my name. Well I am now Riveriak the Chosen. I finally get in.

First thing I had to do was put my points back in, since I love to Tank I go Corruption/Discord. I love Quake, and put my renown points into mostly Toughness, and Wounds. I checked out my bags, wow I need some gold, and what is this…pets? I got some little jester dude following me around now. He’s a cute little bugger.

Now it’s time to go to work. I take part in some scenario I haven’t seen before Eternal Citadel I think it was.  I had no clue what I was doing, but Order was beating on me. It felt good to have 3 or 4 Order try to kill me, now if only I had DPS worth a damn, or a healer. After few of those I decided to do some Open RvR. Just in time I helped take a keep, then headed to Altdorf for some city scenarios. I got my ass handed to me there.

Was it worth all the trouble, and work? A resounding yes, you know for all it’s troubles I still love the Warhammer Lore, The dirty, and gritty feel of the game, and the PvP in the game is always fun. Tell you the truth, I can’t wait until I unleash more chaos, for the changer of ways has deemed it so.

4 Responses to “Unleash Chaos”

  1. You sir, shall stop talking about cool Warhammer pvp at once. I do not need another game in my life right now, my time is already stretched enough as is.

    Stop tempting me, Tzeentch!

  2. Me Sloth Says:

    I would like to stay and chat, but I have to go load up my Rivs toon.

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