Keys to the Kingdom

When I heard they were removing the keyring, I was a little perturbed. I didn’t know why then I stumbled on The Noisy Rogue’s post which puts it all together for me, and states it way better than I can, but here are my thoughts on why they are taking away keyrings.





   Top 5 Reasons to take away Keyrings. 

1. More UI space  – We need more pet/mount space. 

2. Get rid of diversions – If you’re lockpicking then you aren’t leveling to 85 the quickest way you can. 

3. Rogue Hatred– Everyone knows Blizzard employees play Warlocks.

4. Rogues need to learn to whine – They are getting the shaft because they don’t whine. Look at Mages we whined, we got the city portals removed.

5. Pesky lockboxes everywhere  – The rest of us are sick of those lock boxes cluttering up places like the bottom of lakes and stuff.

So there you have the 5 reasons why I think Blizz is taking away the keyring.

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