Weekly Lagout

Well it’s going to be a 3 day lagout, as I’m taking Monday off to do nothing…absolutely nothing…most likely because I’ll be way to hungover.

 WoW – My Pally just hit 84, went into the Vortex Pinnacle for the first time…Meh. Funny thing is I just tried to jump in the cyclone to fly, actually turns out you have to to click on it. DOH!

Warhammer– With Games Workshop- Gamesday being in Chicago, which I already have a ticket, I’m getting the urge to dust off the Chosen, just pray I don’t get the urge to start doing the tabletop again, and spending hundreds of dollars on armies. Worse then crack that hobby is!

High Latency Love –

Scarybooster is back, and way dirtier then usual., but that’s the way we love him, so go ahead show him some High Latency Love.

Oakstout always says Hi to me on Twitter, we had some good times in WoW, he’s good peeps, and I want you to show him some Love for me, the dirty kind of love we like to show.

Memorial Day is to remember all the men and women who died in service, Here at HLL, I salute the people who serve, their families, and those who died to make sure I can live free. Freedom is not free.  /salute

Something Funny

Donate to me, and I will yell your name really loud while I chase a duck.

With That.


One Response to “Weekly Lagout”

  1. Thanks for the shout out Riv. Now I have to post something… DAMN YOU!

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