Is World of Tanks an MMO?

I posed this question to the TWIMMO forums on Gamebreaker TV,  this is what I said.

“To me an MMO is a game where you interact with a massive amount (depending on server pop) regardless if you’re just standing around, or in combat. Where you are part of a bigger world, not just some instance at a time.  I remember standing on top of Tempest Keep in Netherstorm, and looking out on the world, and had a sense of wonderment, of being a cog in a bigger virtual world.

Don’t get me wrong, I like WoT, but I don’t think it’s MMO. I think if World of Tanks is an MMO, why don’t we say Call of Duty is an MMO? Do you think World of Tanks is an MMO?”

After which there is some disscussion on the matter. I want to find out from you. What is an MMO? Is World of Tanks an MMO, or is it some marketing jargon?

15 Responses to “Is World of Tanks an MMO?”

  1. My personal definition of MMO, of which I have no illusion that others may share it, is simply this:

    Does the company that created the game control the servers you play on? If yes, it’s a MMO. If no, it’s not. By that definition, WoT is a MMO.

  2. I’m a bit simple with these things.

    3 Million registered users = Massive

    You play against and with other people = Multiplayer

    You can ONLY play on the internet = Online

    It may not what people traditionally think of as an MMO (Golbins, Spell-Casting, Loot Drops) so I see the argument. If you want to include ‘Perpetual World’ in the definition of MMO then maybe you could sway me against….but then MMOPW is a bit pedantic, no? Or is that too bombastic?

    All I know is everynight I log on, chat with some of the 300 guys in my clan, group up, and go shoot stuff. That’s good enough for me no matter what it’s called 🙂

  3. Did the word Massive in MMO ever get defined as: a server where 1,000 plus people can play together? What is an MMO these days? The word has gotten muddled over time. When UO started this trend, did Quake or Unreal Tournament struggle to be called an MMO? MMO is now just a marketing tool, nothing more. By the new definition, yes Call of Duty is the most successful MMO. More so than WoW

  4. In my world we need to have a persistent world, wich we have not with WoT. Great online shooter and I love it but its not an mmo for me.

  5. They call World of Tanks MMO, it’s a marketing trick so they can advertise their game on big MMO games portals.

    15v15 on average-sized map is NOT MMO. Battlefield 3 has more players and bigger maps. Also it has unlocks and persistand upgrades. Is it MMO? No.

    Same for Red Orchestra (I’ve seen much bigger maps, like 8x time bigger; max playercount is 64).

    Heck, even UT2004 has as big maps and BIGGER playercount (although it is recommended to play 5v5).

    Grinding and collecting credits and XP is rather annoyance in World of Tanks than fun element of gameplay, and it DOES NOT make game an MMO.

  6. p.s. also the reason is that they want to win awards in MMO nominations, because they know they can’t compete in shooter/action nominations with games like Modern Warfare 3 or Battlefield 3. But they can easily beat any MMORPG, because it is plain better. It’s like saying that pineaple is best sort of apple. Wait, wargaming, pineapple is not apple!

  7. Chocolover Says:

    It is an MMO…. think about CW… one map! one persistence world where theoretically every person can play and interact…
    The way to interact is just a little bit more limited. (because it’s a shooter not a rpg) But you can still create and join unions with other clans etc…

    • only 1% of playerbase play clanwars

      also, by your logic, Shogun 2 Total War is a mmo. Because there is ‘global’ japan map in multiplayer.

      Or Europa Universalis or Civilization V. You can play 20 people multiplayer in EU3 on global map too.

  8. You all, in the context of WoT, have the wrong answer to why WoT is an MMO. Yes, there is an answer.

    WoT, along with the plane and sea version that is intended to come out, have a longterm plan of molding the game (or atleast create the option) of forming it into a persistant world. At least that is voiced on the video currently on the front page of

    You can consider this stage, perhaps, as a functional beta.

  9. I think some of you mistake MMO for MMORPG.

    WoW is an MMORPG, that is, an RPG which is MMO.
    WoT is definitely not an RPG, but I think it *is* an MMO.

    I you think it’s not “massive” enough, look at it this way: you see *constantly* more people at the same map, than you do in a typical MMORPG.

  10. Massively

    To me definition of a MMO is (and will always be): persistent world, with hundreds of players being able to be in same place/battle.
    WoT is 15 vs. 15 battles and that is no more MMO than CoD, CS, TF2 or BF3 (etc) is, and no one calls them that.
    To me WoT is not an MMO.

    Planetside 2 is MMO, compare what’s different planetside and WoT 😉

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