World of Tanks in Warcraft.

So as crappy as Alterac Valley can get, last night was the polar opposite. I ran a few Alterac Valleys in which everything went right. The first one Alliance did everything right, we took towers, and bum rushed Drek. I just play in Prot spec, cause I’m lazy, and I’m going to be truthful I suck ass in Ret spec. So we get to Drek, I start wailing on him, and I noticed I have threat, and am tanking him. So I go full blown tank mode, and tank him, all the time getting decent heals. We killed him toot sweet.  Boy that got my tank juices flowing.

So in the next Alterac Valley same thing Alliance doing everything by the book, and we get to Drek. Someone goes we need a tank. I proudly go, “I’m your man.”  Then the call for healers go out. We got three. Last tower fell, I hear the charge, “GO!”   I was keeping aggro at times seeing it above 100, mad me laugh maniacally, I was tanking, dodging, and enjoying the thud of Drek’s weapon being blocked by my shield. Man I loved every second of that.

I’ve been real nervous to head back into tanking for Cataclysm, the dungeons are harder, and have different mechanics. With AV though it really got my tanking juices flowing, and now I’m chomping at the bit to head into some instances and face these bitches down.  It’s been so long I actually tanked, I just hope I’m not full of fail.

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