By the Gods!

So I was invited to play God and Heroes. I was seriously thinking of checking them out, cause there are some things that spark my interest. I’m an American of Italian Decent, who loved movies like Spartacus, and Gladiator. So we have a game based on my motherland’s mythos. Add to that some features like the minion feature, and estate feature.

Estates, as I gather are more than housing, but supposed to be more dynamic, as well as the minion system. These things intrigue me alot, and I’m wondering how they would handle. So I was a little geeked up……

Until I visited their forums, and saw a laundry list of bitching, I mean so much so I was like whoa, maybe I’ll wait a bit. Then for such a small niche game they are charging a monthly subscription. Really?  Yeah it’s a little cheaper than most, but still I mean the game doesn’t seem to be that impressive.

All of it just left a bad taste in my mouth, like I just ate a bad cannoli.

One Response to “By the Gods!”

  1. Did the beta…love the idea (Rome based anything)…..disliked the game. Tired theme (do xyz quest for xyz experience) with elements of things you’ve seen elsewhere- guild wars (heroes) for instance.

    Poor execution, dated graphics, tired old theme-park and pay to play. No thanks.

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