Keep it Gangsta!

“Terror illustrates my era, I can’t hang around my mama cause I scare her” ~ Ice Cube

First off thanks to the people at, they had me on yesterday on the show for This Week in MMO, it’s not up yet, but when it is I’ll link it.  It was a fun, and great experience, I hope they ask me back.

EDIT: Here’s the link to the show…enjoy!

Some things that weren’t discussed on the show, I kind of want to touch here. APB Reloaded open beta starts today. I’m going to be honest here there was alot of things wrong with the original, but there was some things I really like. I mean customization on this game was great, even though I’m not that detailed oriented I thought it was cool.

To be honest I really sucked in the original, er I mean rusty…yeah that’s it really rusty, but there were alot of lag issues, and some things I didn’t like was control of the vehicles, mission were kind of quirky too.

But I’m going to give APB Reloaded another shot, and let my inner Thug out. Heck the Price is right….It’s free.

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