Tales from the Cryptic

So I was watching Tales from the Crypt’s Bordello of Blood the other night. Sure it’s not Shakespearean fare, but I enjoy the movies, and series, they are just campy, cheesy, and willing to poke fun of the horror genre, while serving up a twist in the end.

Everyone is talking about Atari selling Cryptic. You got alot of different views, but I’m going to give you my two cents.  Sure Cryptic has made it’s fair share of mistakes, but they keep striving, and working which in itself is pretty damn admirable. Will this hurt, or hinder Cryptic it is  too soon to tell.

Although I feel I got burned on Star Trek Online, I always have the urge to come back and see what’s going on, and still have not written the game off. There are alot of things I really liked about STO, some things I really hated. As for Cryptics other titles I couldn’t tell you, I never played them.

I wish Cryptic the best, they are trying to live outside the box, and like the Tales from the Crypt series sometimes it seems like a horror show, other times a joke but I have a feeling in the end there will be a twist.

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