100% Pure Fail

I’ve played alot of Battlegrounds…I’ve done my fair share of PvP in alot of games. I am no rank amateur by any means, but last night was the most horrendous experience in PvP I have ever witnessed. I was in the biggest fail of a Alterac Valley I have ever been in last night, and it left such a horrible taste in my mouth I logged off toot sweet. I think I would have done better with 39 bots jumping up and down in the cave. It was so bad, I was hoping we could summon the Ice Lord. Can you still do that in AV? I dunno.   The point is, everyone else was running around like a maniac. I went straight to Galv….and was the only one there. Few people went to defend Bal….WTF? Really. No one was taking towers, people were fighting in the Field of Strife, while the Horde was on top of their game, it was just a fucking mess.

People complain about the PvP in WoW, and despite the lack of teamwork in alot of shitty BG’s I don’t really see what’s wrong with the mechanics. Perhaps I have to get into the Arenas to really see the faults of WoW PvP, but 1 on 1’s have always been a giant game of paper/rock/scissors/shotgun, shotgun being the OP class of that month, so why shouldn’t that extend to 3v3, or 5v5.

Bottomline, besides last night I have fun in WoW PvP, always did. I wish there was more World PvP, I miss the days of the Tarren Mill/Southshore battles, or Crossroads Incursions.  I think the problem lies not in the PvP, but in the Community, but that’s a post for another day

8 Responses to “100% Pure Fail”

  1. elleseven Says:

    The mechanics work. The problem is numskulls who have no interest in learning how the bg works in the first place. If you have newbies who are interested in learning you can turn around a bg and win. Have wankers who complain and run past towers/bunkers and its a guaranteed loss. I’ve been thinking and I think a solution would be to have a tutorial that the toon/account must complete before being allowed in a real bg. Fail the tutorial and you can’t play. I lament when no one knows why you turn in blood or scraps.

    • I’ve wondered about this for a while now, actually. I’m a PvP noob, but I want to do my best so I perused the Wowpedia to get a sense of what I’m looking at doing. There’s almost nothing in-game to really teach players about how these battlegrounds work. No strategy, no tactics, no briefing.

      If we want players to know how to play PvP, the game should teach them.

      At least, then we’ll have a better bead on who just sucks or who can’t be bothered with reading comprehension instead of lumping them in with those players who legitimately don’t know what is going on.

  2. Here is some world PvP for you:

    Last night a group of guildies got together to complete the CoC quests in Twilight Highlands. While we were there killing the bosses a formerly afk rogue (that we ignored to be polite) decides to jump in and start attacking us with his buddy.

    We quickly slaughtered them (6 vs 2) only to see them COME BACK and bring their friends. We then slaughted them again. I think we killed them like 4 or 5 times before our GM got pissy over the waste of time (we were doing this because it was going to be fast so we could get back to the troll dungeon runs) and we flew away.

    It was very funny to be a rogue and be completely ignored (go stabbity stab!) by everyone which allowed me to be a PITA. ^_^b

  3. Welcome to the alliance side. When I play horde we win 75%, I’m not sure why that is.

  4. I’ve had AV’s like that back in the day. Sometimes they go for the objectives other times players think its just one giant Team Death Match. They get too focuses on attacking the opposing team they completely miss the root of the BG which is to take out the commander i.e General at either end of the map.

    I actually blame FPS games for fostering this mentality on the younger players. They spend hours playing Call of Duty thinking that BGS are the same thing and they aren’t. Its not about Kill/Death Ratio but about team work and objectives. Ah.. the young have so much to learn why us older players just bang our heads on the key board till we can’t stand it any longer and just rage quit.

  5. […] as crappy as Alterac Valley can get, last night was the polar opposite. I ran a few Alterac Valleys in which everything went right. […]

  6. I’ll give you AV is broke. PVE goals, while passing each other mid field.

    And I’ll give you AV is being played by brain dead game players.

    But, AV is being played for the maximum “fun” by its inhabitants.

    Blizzard’s theme park approach broke when they messed with AV 4 years ago. The alimighty PVE WoW insures PvP will not be addressed without any value. It’s a lost opportunity (money from more subs).

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