I loathe Quests

“What is your quest?” ~ The Bridgekeeper in Monty Python’s The Holy Grail

To be honest I hate quests, to the point I would rather not do them. I hated them in Dark Ages, I hated them in WoW, I hated them in every game in between.

I really hate to be an errand boy who runs all over the fricking place, but alas now a days you have to do quests if you want to level up faster, and sometimes your just plain stuck in doing them to advance a story line.

Not me I miss the old days of farming, In Dark Ages, I use to farm Rocots in Darkness Falls for hours, or do Tree Groups, or perhaps a nice Avalon City Farming session. In World of Warcraft I remember farming the crap out of things for xp, and the bonus for stuff like cloth.

I liked farming, it was very Zen for me. I would put on the music, and just zone out and farm away. So much so I was accused of being a bot several times.

The first time I enjoyed a quest was in the Death Knight starter zone, when they added morality to it. Though you didn’t have a choice really, but still enjoyed it none the less.

Sometimes I think I’m the odd man out, and the only person that doesn’t really like quests all that much.  Anyone else out there hate quests as much as I do, or am I just a freak?

5 Responses to “I loathe Quests”

  1. pitrelli Says:

    Please dont turn into another wolfshead 😉

    I actually like quests if the have a good story/purpose. The problem is games now have to many cut and paste fluff quests that are only there to either get you to explore that little bit of map in the corner or to merely fill up your xp bar so you can pick up the next boring quest. For me AoC Tortage is the best questing experience in any mmo, the cut scenes and voice acting actually help immerse you and you feel that the tasks you are doing have purpose and you are actually makin difference……. Probably why im excited about SWTOR tbh.

  2. Yeah, you’re a freak, but I hate quests too.

  3. I both do and don’t like quests.

    I do because they give you direction when levelling, mindless grinding isn’t for me, and sometimes I like to level solo. In the current bundle of MMOs I might choose between, questing is the easiest way to level solo (in WoW you might find me doing more pvp/instances mind..).

    I don’t like them because they don’t.. I dunno. In Cataclysm questing became a lot more fun, more varied, blahblahblah, BUT I much prefer being able to pick and choose where I go to quest, which zone and where in the zone. Which is also a problem..

    So I try to avoid it, but I’m not one to level via mindless grinding :p

  4. I agree, there needs to be a better system.

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