Won’t you be my neighbor

Tobold the Mr. Rogers of the MMO world asked what would it take to improve community.  I don’t mean Mr. Rogers in a bad way, I liked Mr. Rogers he always promoted good manners, and as my Grandmother use to say “Good manners are the glue of society.”

I had a few thoughts on this, and it was way too long for a comment.

Way to Improve a Community –

1. Accountability Back in the day when you were a fuck up, people knew who you were, word got around fast. Why a smaller community is one reason, there was no cross faction toons on the same server, no easy name changes, no LFG tools, etc.etc.  We all know the Greater Internet Dickwad Theory from Penny Arcade. So less anonymity, means less of a dickwad. 

2. Different Faction Traits -I’m not talking powers or abilities, I mean subtle difference, not the homogenized MMO’s we have now.  Once upon a time Horde had Shamans, and all “ugly” races, and Alliance had Paladins, and hot chicks. They were different as night and day, I played Horde, because I identified with the Forsaken, some people played because they identified with gnomes. immersion, and a strong lore so you can feel a part of something really brings ownership to my toon. I think that was lost somewhere.

3. Give us something to fight for – Screaming “For the Horde!’, meant something back in the day. Getting up at 3am on a Sunday for a Relic Raid in Dark Ages of Camelot meant something. Whether it be for pride, buffs, or bragging rights give us something more than gear to be able to say “Ha we’re better than you”, or “You might be winning the battle, but you won’t win the war.”  In WoW I loved going to the little book in Wintergrasp and see how much we kicked the others side’s ass.

There is much more we could do to improve community, but I think it all starts with each and every one of us.

3 Responses to “Won’t you be my neighbor”

  1. Legolas4Life Says:

    I hated waking up at like 1 am in the morning to do a relic raid, succeed, and then wake up 8 hours later to see they took them back. lol

  2. enh. i don’t like being split up by faction. although i appreciate small comunities.

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