My Orbs are Frosted

First I want to thank everyone with their gracious invitation to join them, but I decided to go with my old Alliance guildies. I know alot of them there, and well they know my unique quirks. Quirks is the right word, I think.

So I brought my Pally over, why my pally?  Several reasons, I actually like keeping my mage as Forsaken lore wise, seems cooler and I do like the Forsaken. The other reason is who couldn’t use a Pally, my pally is Prot, and offspec is Ret.  

I changed my sex from female to male. I made my Pally a gruff older looking Paladin, with long gray hair, and gray facial hair. He looks a little rough on the edges a bit, a person who seen too much of this world, but who’s heart is always in the right place…sorta like me.

I named him Frostedorbs, cause there was a joke about my orbs being frosty after talking to this girl healer. She was such a tease. LOL!

So I’m looking forward to getting back in the swing of things, and hopefully getting beat upon, and looking at crotches again.

3 Responses to “My Orbs are Frosted”

  1. Cool! It’s always best to go where you know the other people will tolerate you. 😉

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