May the Fourth Be With You!

Here at High Latency Life, We are not just about video games, we’re all about being a nerd. Nothing says nerd like Star Wars.

“Peace is a lie, there is only Passion”  from the Sith Code

Star Wars is definitely a passion of mine. Star Wars came out in 1977, I remember seeing it  in my Pajamas at a Drive In.  Then when I saw Empire Strikes Back.  I was hooked. The Star Wars Universe is a rich and vibrant playground, which I enjoy alot. 

One can nit pick about the stupid Ewoks, or that douchebag Jar Jar. Overall though Star Wars itself is Epic. I mean I read the books, and play some of the video games. Speaking of games, there are alot of good Star Wars games, and some not so good, but lets talk about some of my favorite video games in the Star Wars genre that have affected my life.

5. Empire Strikes Back – (Atari 2600) – basically just your snow speeder attacking AT-AT’s but it was my first Star Wars game, and I spent alot of hours playing this side scroller.

4. Force Unleashed (PC/Console)- Just a great game, the combat, storyline. Only thing is sometimes the camera angles are shitty, but other wise nothing like swinging your lightsaber in the game. I’m still playing this game, when I finish definitely moving to Force Unleashed 2.

3. Star Wars: Masters of Teras Kai (Playstation) – The only Star Wars fighting game I ever played, and there were many times me and my brother battled me being Darth Vader, and him being Luke. Then all my friends, and even cousin got into the action. There were some Epic battles back in the day.

2. Tie Fighter (PC) – A Tie Fighter simulator, oh my god this game was great. Letting me fight for the Empire for which I adore. For the time the graphics were awesome, and the storyline was pretty damn good. This game was ahead of its time.

1. Knights of the Old Republic (PC/Console) – This game had a great storyline, morality choices, and even a smartass evil robot what more could you want. I enjoyed every second of the game, and the sequel as well.

Is it any wonder I look forward to the Star Wars MMO?

May the Force Be With You!

2 Responses to “May the Fourth Be With You!”

  1. Sadly, the only one out of your list that I played was Tie-Fighter. You’re right, it was way ahead of it’s time. It reminded me of Wing Commander, which I loved, but with a much better IP.

  2. Too right, Tie-fighter was brilliant and Wing-Commander was good fun as well!

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