The Force is Strong with This One

Tobold wants to know my expectations for this game.  To be honest they are high. Do I think it’s the “Jesus” of all MMO’s….No I don’t.

In terms of game play and graphics I expect WoW quality. What I do have high hopes is to get immersed in Star Wars Lore. To have faction pride once more. To play a Sith, and know that the Jedi are my enemy. To be proud of what I am, and seethe with hatred for the other faction. 

Once upon a time in Dark Ages of Camelot, I played Albion, I hated the Hibbies, and Middies with a passion that seemed like obsession. I use to get up for 3am raids on a Saturday or Sunday morning (or stayed up *wink*). Now that’s fricking hardcore.  I want that feeling back.  On the new Sith Video Progression. The Sith marauder had me cheering almost.

Am I on the Hype train, probably but I’ve been here before with Warhammer Online, and I still love most of that game the problem is Mythic messed up somehow, and imploded. I still have a deep seated love for the game, and must resist the urge to reup once in awhile.

All in all, from what I’m seeing Bioware put out, it’s looking pretty good, and I like what I’m seeing.  Bottomline will it be the second coming, no, but I do think it will be a good game.

2 Responses to “The Force is Strong with This One”

  1. pitrelli Says:

    I still cant wait to play it despite other bloggers bashing it. Each to their own and all that jazz.

    I will say i was pretty disappointed with the sith progression video with regards to the marauder. Not a fan of the armored look and shoulder spikes at all. Whether or not that means rolling jedi i just dont know.

    Overall im still hyped for the game however would love a release date. P.s have you tried the new wow patch yet? The new 5 man dungeons are very challenging which is pretty refreshing.

  2. I’m with you River. I don’t expect it to be Jesus, but I’m hoping for something pretty big. And by that I mean something that will make me think about it all day while at work – make my wife pissed because I barely say hello to her when I get home from said job on the way to the computer etc.. you know, a game where you care about your character and what happens to him/her.

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