Nothing says Kill Things Like Slayer, and Ice Cube

As I explore the EVE Universe….

I had my first death, they were nice enough to give me another starter ship. I might of not wanted to rush in with 5 enemies, and start blasting stuff. Pfft I’m going to have to use strategy…Ridonkulous!

I also have no idea how to sell shit…I guess I need to buy some new glasses. Are there no vendors around I can just sell stuff? Do I have to place all my crap on the market? I want a bad ass killer ship….what do I need to do get one? Suck some alien cock?

I’m training Mining right now, I hope I can figure that out.

I found the Jukebox feature is pure AWESOME. Loaded some Slayer, and some Ice Cube and I’m ready to blast some biotches from cold…hard space.

7 Responses to “Nothing says Kill Things Like Slayer, and Ice Cube”

  1. Nope, no vendors. You sell everything on the market and players buy it all. Difference between the market and an auctionhouse however, is placing Buy Orders. This means there’s almost always SOMEONE buying what you’re selling, even if it is massively undervalued. Typically you’d want to make a run to a market system (there’s a couple out there) where prices are the most favorable if you’re looking to dump junk. Otherwise you’d want to corner a market somewhere and hope your gold-making lessons from WoW are enough to get you started.

    No vendors. Just players.

  2. Try Hek, Rens or Jita depending where your home spot is for selling. I like Hek personally. decent buy prices and lots of buy orders. Once you want to sell something, move it to your hangar then rt click sell. You can look at how much you will get by rt clicking and choosing view market details. Look at the bottom at the buy orders. The highest green one is the proice you will get where you are. If you move to a different system you will get a diff price. I like to check for things that look to be worthwhile.

  3. The top markets are Jita (Caldari), Rens (Minmatar) , Amar (Amar) and Dodixie (Gallente) with Hek (Minmatar) and Oursulaert (Gallente) close behind. Those are the best places to buy your next ship, too. Of course, you can just pull up the market and see the best place to buy and sell your stuff.

    If you do the tutorial missions, you should get some nice frigates out of them. Then do the Sister’s epic arc after that and you should be able to get a cruiser and a load of isk.

  4. Jukebox? I’ve heard of such a thing… lol! Thanks for reminding me.. I’ve been “playing” for about three weeks now and am still figuring things out all over again (I played for a few months off and on). Right now I’m working towards flying recon ships. See that’s my problem. Before I took a break this last time, I had been working towards a killer Gankegeddon and instead of finishing that, I went with wanting to do stealth recons and stuff…. too much to do lol.

  5. If you don’t feel like making the long trek to a central trade hub, one way of optimizing profits is by evaluating the relative region average and then looking the value of reprocessed good. Almost evey item in your hanger you can right click on and choose to “reprocess” this gives you minerals that are used in crafting, and often can be more valuable than what you may get for the base item itself.

    An example to help clarify (with all names and figures arbitrarily created):

    I go killing rats on a mission, and fly back to my station with 10 foozles in my cargohold. I drop those into my station cargo, right click and choose “sell this item”. It brings up the simple sell window, and shows that I’m selling the foozles at 10k isk a pop, which is 25% of the regional average, well fuck, I don’t want to sell something for 10k when I could sell it for 40k.

    So, I cancel that, right click my foozles, and choose “reprocess item”. I then am rewarded with another window that tells me what the results will be in acquired whizzles, blinkies, and humdingers. I find out what quantities I get for it, and how much of each quantity I lose because I’m a stupid pilot jock and can’t be assed to learn no man’u’factr-ing skills. I can then right click each of those items and choose “view market details”. From there, it’s a simple process of multiplication and addition to see if the difference is substantial.

    Obviously, that’s a lot of work, but after doing it a few hundred times, you’ll start to get a feel for your local market and the worth of various goods, and where it relates to the the value of the item you were original seeking to sell.

    Beyond that of course, you can always set up the original foozles for sale at 40k a piece (or whatever you deem market-appropriate for you speed of sale), and wait for them to be picked up. I tend to do that on big-ticket items that I can sell for considerably more than I’m finding offered in my locale. Usually I do the reprocess thing though, because I like money now, not money later.

  6. As a new player you can sell anything you have which won’t be that valuable as a newbie is in your local market at whatever station your at. There is no real point if your far away from any major huge trade hub to drag your self there across space to incure other problems your not quite aware of yet. EVE is a learning process!

    There are no real vendors in EVE. To sell anything you have to learn the skill “Retail” first which allows you to sell/buy stuff on the market. Anything in EVE you need to buy you buy from the market. Easy to use your local station to buy stuff. In EVE it takes learning skills to do almost anything important or access things. If you do the tutorials and pay attention in my opinion you will learn allot of how stuff is done or how they work. Being impatient can often result in your own death!

    I spend allot of time in the Help Channel helping newbies from time to time and one the greatest mistake is not learning from going thru the tutorial missions. Doing all the tutorial missions will give you allot of free ships and free skill books to learn some skills. Completing all the tutorials should give you several free ships and numerous skills books. Most people in EVE are friendly to help if you ask for advice.

    One the fastest way to disaster in EVE is trying to make a bee line to s big shiny new ship. As it also takes allot of skill to use it properly. Nothing is more a rude awakening in EVE for a reality check as gaining a nice shiny new ship and loosing it a few hours later or even less. So take your time and learn things through your trial, find what you like about the game and go from there.

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