The EVE Trial

So I decided to give EVE a shot. They have a 14 day trial to give it a shot. I was impressed, and a little overwhelmed at the same time. Here’s a list of impressions I liked about it.


1. Graphics – Flying a ship is pretty cool, the graphics are pretty neat. I passed a planet and I really was awed as the sun lit it up.

2. Character Creation – Just alot of choices, and that’s always a good thing

3. Training Queue – Awesome to have things being trained while your not even logged in, or just putzing in space.

4. Easy Download, and Setup – It was pretty quick

Things I didn’t like so much.

1. HUD/Interface – It wasn’t intiutive, and easy to start off with. This is the first game ever I even took the tutorial. Also alot of the writing seems awfully small.

2. Commerce/Market – Whoa….Just to megolithic to grasp right now.

3. Navigation – Took me awhile to figure some things out, meh

Overall a real nice game, that could use som interface enhancements for easier play, perhaps the more I play the more I’ll get use to it. I like it, and I may play the full 14…err 13 days I have left, but I don’t know yet if I’ll subscribe.

4 Responses to “The EVE Trial”

  1. Yep, your list is typical 🙂

    Eve is the one game I love that I always hesitate to recommend since it is pretty different. I’ve been playing for over a year and a half and I’m still learning stuff. Here are some things that may help.

    On the web (or GalNet, as roleplayers would say):
    ISK 3.0
    Eve University Wiki (has an audio class library, among other things)

    Chat channels in game
    Project Halibut (helps new players)
    Eve-Blogger (where a lot of bloggers hang out)

    Project Halibut might be a good place to get some help since you are still on the trial. It’s run by The Eve Commune podcast to help new players. If you stay in the game, Eve University is a good place to go. It is a player-run training corporation that is older than WoW. But it has a long waiting list to get accepted.

    If you’re interested in blogs, you can check out Crazy Kinux’s Blog Pack. Crazy Kinux is the Eve blog father.

    Oh, and if you get bored with the background music, there is always Eve-Radio, which also has a chat channel with the same name. And they have contests where they give out isk and ships as prizes.

    Fly safe!

  2. I love the background music, getting bored of it? Pshaw!

    Anyway, shoot me (Ezekeil Rage) convo invite or a mail in game if you need anything/have any questions. The first few weeks can be a bear for sure.

  3. EVE in no shortage of words is “A Journey” of your life as it evolves in the universe of EVE. I would say give the game 2 week trial and full trial and see how it goes. EVE is not a easy game to learn for the mere fact there is so much to learn and keep learning. You learn things over time and discovering some things is part the fun yet can cost you your capsuleer life too.

    I’m just reaching my 1st year in EVE and loving it. There are plenty of resources out there to learn about anything in eve. If you need help with anything in game, you can mail/convo me (Ametius). I’d be happy to help if i can. Use the “Rookie Channel” its there to help all Rookies.

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