Are Bloggers to Jaded?

So as I play my little game of the moment, in the first month or so I go through with eyes filled with wonder, and joy. After that I become disenchanted with the game, and am I already looking for the next best thing, this wasn’t always the case.

There was a time when I played Dark Ages of Camelot, and World of Warcraft for hours upon hours without batting an eye.  Heck I remember spending days just in tree groups, or AV farm groups in Dark Ages, or spending 3 to 4 days raiding Blackwing Lair, and I loved it…I ate that shit up.

So what has changed me, or the games. Well I think it’s both.

I’ve changed….

1.Lack of  Time – time is more of a commodity as I don’t have the free time I use to. When I started Dark Ages I was laid off, so I had all the time of the world.

2. Escapism – I admit I use to escape into virtual worlds more because I was down on my luck, or living alone in a foreign town, and really had nothing to do. Not anymore really.

3. Bored – With the same ole…same ole.  You fuck the same girl, in the same position for 9 years…you are going to get sick of her, I don’t care if she’s Heidi Klum.  There are just no more of those Holy Shit moments in Ragnaros popping out of the lava.

Games have changed…

1. WoW is no longer what it was – It’s more on rails, not as open wide. That’s not what I like…that is not my play style. 

2. Games are more quest based – That is not my playstyle, I like to kill shit, not do quests. If you level by just grinding up, which I do like…you might as well pull your own teeth.

3.  Depth of the game is really gone – All just want a quick, farmville like experience.

4. Immersion is gone – I felt like I was in a virtual world back when I played…not so much anymore. I feel more like I’m on a hamster wheel. rinse…repeat..

Some say to spread my horizons, but EvE’s death penalty is a tosh too much, and post apocalyptic games not my thing. So I’ll hold my breath for Star Wars, and if that sucks I’ll hold my breath for Warhammer 40k MMO.

But I pose my question to you as I peer out into the blogosphere, and see alot of complaints, and negativity. Is it us, or the games?

5 Responses to “Are Bloggers to Jaded?”

  1. “EvE’s death penalty is a tosh too much”

    I just wanted to comment on this, honestly:
    A) Its not that big of a deal
    B) You only die if you go into dangerous space, or fight a fight you know you can’t win

    I dunno man, I think you should give EVE a shot. Its a steep learning curve, but the best PvP out there.

    • What Rer said. Even when you do lose a ship, it’s only money, and provides another layer of complexity to the game – only fly what you can afford to lose. Plus, once you figure the game out, you should RARELY loose anything unknowingly.

      No – what you should be more worried about, is your corporation funneling efforts into holding a bit of space for processing/research operations, and then find out a stronger corp war-decs you so they can take it out and loot the shit it leaves behind.

      Then again, that’s what makes it immersive, a real virtual world, and provides excitement. You can’t have a thrill without potential defeat.

  2. I’ve not been playing Warcraft or games in general anywhere near as long as most in the blogosphere. For me, life has changed though and I can’t play as much or in the same way that I used to. I don’t think I’ve been around long enough to be that jaded by MMOs, although I stil reserve judgement on the changes to Raise Ally because I do think Blizzard have jumped the shark with that one.

  3. It’s both. I diversified into some free games. (GlobalAgenda). Beta testing (Rift, Swtor, APB, unannounced game). I specifically have high hopes for Guild Wars 2 (No Monthly).

  4. It’s human nature to focus on the negative I think. So, both, would be my answer.

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