You got knocked the f*ck out!

And you know this man…..Well we all know Trion messed up, and we all paid the price.

The blogosphere is abuzz with news of RIFT’s shortcomings (to be honest Scary really doesn’t have a RIFT article, I just have a standing rule to link his blog to the word Shortcomings whenever I can). Well it seems RIFT had its first mistake. It was bound to happen. Come on, they released a great game….it was bound to fuck up somewhere.

So it happened. Now what? You quitting, breh?

I wouldn’t Trion seems like a company that will try to make up for it’s mistake learn from it. Hell we all stuck around WoW after the AQ bullshit. (Fricking only one person gets a cool bug mount…BULL SHIT!!)

Anywho I’m gonna stick with Trion for now, and keep hammering my little mage until he gets to 50, and let the haters do their job and hate, and try to find more kinks in the game, though I’m not going to let Trion off the hook.


2 Responses to “You got knocked the f*ck out!”

  1. My post was about RIFT. It talked about the new patch 1.2 coming out. I see you didn’t read to the bottom. You must of prematurely shortcummed a link 🙂

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