RIFT isn’t cutting the mustard

Don’t get me wrong. RIFT is a nice game, it has a little of everything. I want more though. The problem is I don’t know what I want more of. 

RIFT to me seems more of the same ole, same ole. I log in do what I have to do, but I’m looking around at what else I could be doing, like I feel like subbing to STO to check it out, or back to homebase of WoW. Sometimes I just pop in a movie.

I am definitely not saying that RIFT is a bad game, but it doesn’t hold that excitement I had when I logged into other games. Maybe it’s because I’m in the middle of the level grind, or most of my guild are 50 and doing some uber cool stuff. It could be my real life is hitting me hard, and affecting me. Even worse I fear, that I have become cynical, and jaded at this genre, perhaps I’m the old whore of the group. The one that’s been around the block a few times.  

What ever it is, I’m looking forward to Star Wars the Old Republic to respark my love for this genre.  If it doesn’t respark that love, I fear I may go gentle into this good night.

16 Responses to “RIFT isn’t cutting the mustard”

  1. I think my problem has definitely been my current level. I’m now 34 and it feels like I’m walking in mud. There’s nothing “new” around these levels. I’m just trying my hardest to push forward into the 40’s to see if I can drudge up some motivation to hit 50.

  2. Pitrelli Says:

    Amen brother amen!

    Just dont buy FFXIV like I did baaaaaad mistake.

    I did get an additional free month with Rift though so gonna try and tough it out to level 50. Like Slurms I’m currently 34 and it just all feels a bit *meh*, add to that defiant are crap and pvp, zones are pretty much deserted bar the odd ganking party.

  3. Yeah it really helps to have people in your guild around your own level. I also sort of went with the flow of the majority of players (at least I think) and so every zone I’ve been in has been pretty lively.

  4. It doesn’t get better at 50. You’ll realize the PVE grind ahead of you is more unfun than WoW. The PvP balance is completely off, so frustration ensues while trying to gear up. It was fun to play Rift during the first free month, but I’m not going to pay for the same problems WoW has.

  5. Get off the themepark!

  6. Legolas4Life Says:

    I think you are starting to realize that the enjoyment you get out of these games simply doesn’t make up for the ridiculous amount of time you have to invest them. Its really preposterous how much bullshit grinding you have to do just to get the part of the game that is actually supposed to be fun. Then, when you finally get there, whether it is pve or pvp, you realize it’s just more grinding. Fuck that.

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  8. Well, you have played enough MMOs that Rift is nothing new for you. It’s really a good game, but you are a MMO Veteran – you have been there and done that over and over and over already.

    Legolas4Life makes a good point. The Rift endgame seems to be the usual gear progress through dungeon running.

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  10. I feel the same way, I did resub to wow. One thing I noticed was how big the wow world is compared to rift. I guess I wish they had flight paths instead if ports. I really hope star wars is kick ass, if not maybe I’m getting burned out on mmo’s in general. Sometimes I think I should give it a few month break until star wars comes out, that way I’ll come into it fresh.

  11. Eh, I’m boggled that anyone who is tired of the same old theme park is excited about SWTOR.

    MMOs don’t need a Fourth Pillar, they need to bulldoze the busted old temple. I play more open world RPGs where I can do whatever the heck I want with my character and ignore or kill quest givers on my consoles nowadays.

    I can’t wait to install 20 gigs of voiceovers, then after about 2 weeks realize my thumb is getting sore from hitting Space through every conversation.

    It might be an awesome spiritual successor to Phantasy Star Online, but anyone who’s been following the game and is still thinking this is going to pull the genre out of the dark corner it’s worked itself into is in denial.

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