Tanks, but No Tanks

Well it seems like the Great Tank Debate continues on. Tanks get a little something extra, but will this resolve the issue? I don’t think so. Why? Tanking is tough.

Lets go back through the annals of time. I started off as a healer in my MMO career. I was a cleric in Dark Ages. So I decided to become a Tank in World of Warcraft cause I was burnt out on healing. So I started a Warrior. I loved being a Tank, but after a while I got burnt out. Thus came the mage.

Let’s look at some things.

1. Tanks are always the work horses of the guild- Usually there isn’t much time to PUG, cause they have to run with the guild.  Heck I remember when I tanked the first time I had to really pug was at the end of BC, and that’s cause I wanted something badly.  Guilds take care of their tanks, so they are rarely needing anything.

2. Tanks need to be the leader. Knowing the dungeon, and what everyone is supposed to be doing gets tiring.  Back in Wrath, it was easy to tank, just plow through the dungeon. Cataclysm not as easy these days, so it’s rougher on the tank.

3. Being a Tank, no matter the game is a rough job. I think there will always be shortages.

I do love to Tank, I returned to my Tanking roots in Warhammer Online. as a Chosen. I ran so much Bilerot I was sick of it. I’m itching in Rift to abandon the Mage, and start a warrior, but my guild is a PvP focused guild, so mage is where I am staying I think.  Heck even now I’m thinking of Reupping WoW, and return to my Prot Pally.  It’s a very rewarding job, but with great rewards, come great responsibilities, and risks.

Here’s a few tips from the River.

1. Learn the dungeon as best you can – I use to run the dungeon on my mage first, get the feel, and watch the tank Then tank it. If you don’t have that luxury, read the strats, and videos as much as you can. Know Kill Orders, and have an idea what everyone else is supposed to be doing.

2. Gear up –  Make sure you’re gear is the best you can afford, make sure your gems and enchants are good too. Don’t be cheap. Check websites, and blogs to get the best you can in each slot.

3.  Know your Skills – Sometimes as a Tank you need to know your “Oh Shit” buttons.

4. Healers are your friends – Treat them right.

5. Patience – Sometimes people make mistakes, even you. If you wipe shrug it off.

6. Leadership – You set the pace, and tone of the dungeon. Lead, don’t be a bully.

7. Have fun – Being a Tank doesn’t mean you have to be a sour puss. Crack jokes, if you see someone doing something wrong don’t berate them, but poke fun at them. “Is that fire you’re standing in make your cock feel hot?”

Bottomline I don’t think there will ever be enough tanks or healers, but if we show some people on the fence how fun it can be, we can lighten the load so to speak.

One Response to “Tanks, but No Tanks”

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