Bribing Tanks

So it’s come down to this…bribery.  I tanked for years without so much as a extra copper, sometimes not even a thank you. Now you have to bribe people to tank.

I don’t know people are really liking this idea it seems, to me it sounds…well kind of stupid. Here’s an idea, make your dungeons better. Most of these Cataclysm dungeons are really horse shit, hell even as DPS I fricking hate them.

But hey what the fuck do I know, I only stood eye to crotch with most of the bosses in Vanilla, and Burning Crusade. I think WoW needs to take a step back to that era and remember that even though we tried to change the future, we shouldn’t forget the past.

So is it safe to say Cataclysm is the Trial of Atlantis of World of Warcraft yet?

9 Responses to “Bribing Tanks”

  1. Sorry, but this has nothing to do with your post. I just had to lol at ‘722Girl with a Pie’. Brilliant.

  2. Somebody else wrote that queuing for LFD as a tank is like sticking your hand in a beehive and that this change amounts to telling us there is some honey inside. I’m inclined to agree.

    The reason why I don’t queue for LFD as a tank isn’t because the gold reward is too low; it’s because the people I meet in LFD tend to make me tear out my hair in frustration. Until that issue can be solved, the tank shortage will persist.

  3. How else could they fix it? I don’t think putting out new content is the answer. They are needing tanks to run the current content so in turn DPS can get gear from this current content.

    I’m personally think this is a good idea. It will be motivating for some tanks, and I don’t think it will do any more “unmotivating.” The only people it might hurt would be those guild groups that queue up together – they may miss out on their tank.

    I am a little disturbed how blizzard is trying to present this as it will be a feature available to all players though… I might get lucky and once in a lifetime find that Healers are chosen as the Call to Arms. I’d personally love a chance at the mount.

    The goodie bag will not be the most motivating factor though. I believe the ability to convert Valor points into Conquest points will be. I’m starting to hoarde my Valors already.

    • Regarding the conversion of valor to conquest, I completely agree. I’d rather get my points through a little struggle in heroics than by getting destroyed in BGs/arenas.

  4. […] WOW has now resorted to bribing tanks and healers… What-evah!  How about figuring out why people tend to shun those two particular classes and […]

  5. You like staring at crotches all fight eh? LOL. Just kidding man! Yeah, I think this is a stupid idea that will lead to bad tanks.. someone has to invent the “no tank” needed option.. so if 5 DPS want to run an instance there is some way to handle it.

  6. Oh yeah, and just personally.. I used to tank. I was never great. I hated the whole fucking process too though. People GOGOGOGOG! Fucking yelling at you for dying when the healer is doing 1hps… fucking retarded DPS dying because they open up before you even reach the monsters… Just was a cluster fuck. I have enough stress at work do not need it in my escape.

  7. This seems akin to legislating morailty–how has the War on Drugs worked out?

    Maybe its more like legislating behavior–remember how tougher drunken driving laws led to an increase in accidents b/c impaired drivers ran from police? Until tougher laws on ‘leaving the scene of an accident’ were implemented, the death rate went up.

    The Law of Unintended Consequences suggests this will be unsuccessful. As a tank who regularly queued in LFG just for kicks, it is hard to see me queueing unless the Call to Arms is posted.

    For me, and I’m sure other tanks, (Opportunity for cool loot) > (desire to just PUG for the heck of it).

    Of course there will be new tanks who suddenly emerge from the depths of DPS. Unskilled and unsure how to actually tank, I can see them mucking up many LFD groups with their random aggro drops and failure to assess CC opportunities and inability to establish kill order priority.

    To some degree this will be mitigated with better DPS or Healers who can assist, but frankly, I see PUG’ing actually getting worse. That’s something I never thought I would write.

  8. as a healer… i hate this idea. I have already run into tanks that are getting 2 shot in heroics. obviously just DPS that is queuing as tank to get in faster. in one group, the tank died and then i was able to keep a mage with aggro alive with less trouble. tsk, tsk… this will only make it worse.

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