What I Miss…

I played alot of MMO’s, and RIFT is my current one, but recently I’ve been thinking back of the days of yesteryear to the MMO’s I played…alot.

DAOC- First MMO I played.

1. 3 faction system RvR – Always were able to pick a fight when you wanted.

2. Hopping off horses – You’d buy a ticket, and were able to hop off before you got there. Never seen an MMO do that again.

3. Climbing Walls – Nothing like my Infiltrator climbing a wall, ganking a sitting Lurikeen caster, and run the hell away.

4. Cloaks off – Back in the days to improve lag, we would take our cloaks off, and turn off spell effects. It was just funny.

Something I won’t miss – Rez tells. As a cleric I got asked for a rez CONSTANTLY.

WoW – Second MMO I played, and the MMO I played the longest.

1. Vanilla – Having everything so new and fresh.

2. World PvP–  Whether it was at Crossroads, or the STV Warzone – Man it was bloody hell sometimes, but at times it was awesome.

3.  The Thrill – Of seeing Ragnaros popping out of the Lava, the most epic raid boss I have gone up against.

4. 40 man raids – This is when Raids were truly epic, and sometimes a logistical nightmare.

Something I won’t miss –  Stupid Instanced Zones, I hate having to do the same fricking thing over and over again on my alts.

Warhammer Online – The Third MMO I played

1. Chosen – The best looking, and awesomest feeling class I have had the pleasure to play.

2. PvP – Had some of the best PvP I played in modern history.

3. Mythic – They made us bloggers feel welcome, and we’re dedicated to community.

4. Community – One of the best Communities I had the pleasure to be a part of.

Something I won’t miss– Bright Wizards – Fuck those mother fuckers. Fuck’em right in the cornhole.

STO – Minor MMO I played.

1. Klingons – I love flying around my Bird of Prey and blasting shit in space.

Something I won’t miss – Lack of Klingon Support – can you say second class citizen?

RIFT – My Latest MMO, will there be something I miss of it in the future, I don’t really know.

If you’re wondering about the pic, I also miss the Soprano’s so piss off, ya wanker.

4 Responses to “What I Miss…”

  1. Legolas4Life Says:

    You miss me, it’s ok to admit it.

  2. I miss when you could masturbate to the front cover of MMOs.

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