Religious War

So I was thinking while I was contemplating the fate of the universe (read that as on the shitter) about the lore of RIFT. I was thinking hey we are fighting a religious war, and no one really said too much about that.

One side you have the Guardians, the chosen of the Gods, and on the other side the Defiants, the ones who broke faith with the Gods, and put their faith in techno-magic. They are at war fighting over their religious views, in this time of major upheaval over religion, Muslim versus Christian type of stuff. I don’t know, it kind of well, leaves a bit of a bad taste in my mouth.

Oh by no means am I a saint, or a holy roller, sure there’s alot of hate in MMO’s over political views, race, territory, ideological, but really not religon as RIFT puts it, even the word Defiant screams heretic to me. Does it bother me? No. I just find it interesting that the reason I hate these defient scum is they betrayed my Gods…..seems good enough to me.

Any thoughts on RIFT’s religious war, is there a message here Trion is trying to get across, or am I just overanalyzing something?

3 Responses to “Religious War”

  1. But they’re such weak gods that still let the world go to ruin in the end. The Defiants are time travellers. They know what the gods can do, and rightfully have no faith in them.

  2. Its interesting how both sides sort of put a spin on where to place blame. The Defiants of the future know that after the Gods of the Guardians fail them, they turned upon the Defiant Capital of Meridian, thus allowing whatshisfaceevilguy to take over the world.

    The Guardians however say that the Gods are forsaking them because of the Defiants “sin”. Interesting how you look at it either way.

  3. João Carlos Says:

    There is a lesson that Trion try to teach: both sides are morons…

    They can ally and fight a common enemy, but no!

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