This thing we call the Internet.

So I putzed around the internet today a couple of things.

The Culling –

I went through my blogroll removed some older blogs, I know some old blogs are still on there, but they are there for a reason, sometimes it’s just to honor the person who has left us. Maybe I should make the Blogroll of the Fallen?


RIFT patch 1.1 is here, here’s the official notes

My god she’s a money making machine…I’m in love.

I really dig my Chloroformer mage build, but this is a nice article on it, and some great tips in the comments. Check it out

This is why I blog, and truly share myself with others….

I think it’s important to realize that the little things we do, by sharing who we truly are, can echo through other peoples’ lives in ways we can’t imagine.” ~ From Felicia Day’s blog, about a story of a Tweet. A little Tweet that made a huge impact on a girl.

Oh yea that, and the chicks. I do it for the chicks.

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