Book Review- MOGWORLD

I was looking for a book to break my usual Warhammer/Warhammer 40k reading obsession, and just read something else.  Since I view High Latency Life, not just a blog about video games, especially MMO’s, I feel this blog as a nexus for all things geeky, and nerdy. So I like to share other things in my geeky side of life. One of them is books.

When the Pugnacious Priest, told me about this book.  I was dubious to get it. What do Aussie girls know about games, and books. Hell they may know about trash canned sized beer like fosters, or have arcane knowledge about knifes like Crocodile Dundee, but books dealing with video games. I don’t think so.

Boy I couldn’t be more wrong.  This book is pretty damn good. The author Yahtzee Croshaw draws highly upon WoW influences, but there’s stereotypes that can be drawn from any fantasy based MMO’s. I am only half way through this book, and just love it.

It’s about this undead mage (ok already I’m in love with this character) named Jim, who just wants to die a real death. He’s joined on his adventurers, by an undead girl named Meryl, who happens to be sort of a nationalist/racist, and a undead priest who is a holy roller of sorts. 

I mean the humor in this book is great. A necromancer overlord who is a great manager. There’s a scene in the book where the necromancer is talking to Jim about the rat pit, and it’s as if they were just talking at the office about a project or something.

If your into MMO’s, can laugh at the stereotypes of this genre,  and know how to read, I strongly recommend this book.

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  1. Glad ur enjoying it 🙂 and no one in oz drinks fosters 🙂

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