You know what you can do?

Go fuck yourself.

All kidding aside, Shadow is a great blogger, and he’s cracking me up. So I like RIFT. Am I in love with it. No, but I like how it’s more like old WoW, than how WoW is now. I liked old WoW, hell I played it long enough. I also like how there’s just enough PvP in it, to keep my warmongering side satisfied.  

What’s wrong with playing something you enjoyed for years. Heck I wear the same underwear until it’s tatters on me. The comfortable, and the well known are things alot of people well feel comfortable in.

Not every game is going to fit every gamers playstyle, alot of people I know love LOTRO, I never did. I was bored by it. Oh don’t get me wrong I liked alot of what LOTRO was doing over there, I enjoyed hearing about the game, and how can you not love the Lore of the game. It’s just when I actually played it….well my head hit the keyboard when I passed out.

There are some games I loved playing for a long…long time, like WAR, and WoW, but I got burned out, or didn’t like the direction they were going,  So I left, do I hate the games…No.

Then there’s games like Minecraft…Fuck that piece of shit. Just kidding..or am I.

Bottomline not every game will appeal to everybody, but that’s the great thing…that’s how I learn about other games, cause if we all liked and played the same thing…we would all be playing Oregan Trail Online…..and  I think we can all agree on one thing…fuck dysentary.

4 Responses to “You know what you can do?”

  1. Those god-damn oxen need to learn to fucking swim.

  2. Chris, Right on brother. You are correct sir.

  3. lotro also put me to sleep. in particular i can remember traveling a couple of times and my eyes just started to roll into the back of my head.

  4. It boggles my mind sometimes why Gamers tend to bash people who like a thing that they once liked but have decided to not like it anymore. An example is WoW. Tons of people have played it, loved it, got sick of it and now hate it with a passion, but that doesn’t mean they need to bash people who still love it and enjoy it does it? I mean, I’m not going over to their house saying how their couch is ugly or that painting on the wall is something I wouldn’t wipe my ass with or even look in their fridge to figure out why they spend their nights eating food that real food eats. I don’t so why do they insist that even though I’m enjoying the game they no long find attractive they have to try and convince me that I’m wrong?

    I mean, if I don’t like a movie, my friends just accept it or if I like something they don’t like good scotch or a naked women, they don’t try to convince me I’m crazy they just accept it.

    If a game gets old and boring, move on, get over it and find someplace else to be. STOP LIVING IN THE PAST MAN. WoW was yesterday, move forward and find something new to love or just stfu.

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