Developers Appreciation Week

My Friend, Scarybooster, started Developers Appreciation Week, or DAW to combat the beatings we as players sometimes unleash on the people who make the games we love so much, it is something I fully stand behind.

There are so many developers out there that to list all the ones I love, and why would take 3 months. These two though to me really bring something to the table of which I love currently.


Everyone is praising TRION for putting out a polished product, and really making a game that combines alot of good things that are in MMO’s of today.  I want to commend TRION for it’s commitment to us the player. We said we wanted more PvP, they put it in more Warfronts, and rewards for that PvP…We said we want more security they put in the Coin Lock System. Through the forums, and other methods, they seem to be listening to the players, and giving them what they want.


I want to give props to Relic to really bringing the Warhammer 40k universe to life, like few other games have in the past. I remember playing War 40k games that were just plan shitty. That all changed with Dawn of War. They even included an army painting utility which really is a big part of the Warhammer Universe. With Dawn of War 2 they brought more RPG into the mix, and made a stronger story line for it’s single player campaign.

To all the developers out there, thank you for doing what you do,  because if I didn’t have video games in my life, I might be climbing a tower with a high powered sniper rifle.

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