Weekly Lagout

Stoopid Booze…yeah your lagout is early…cause my Ping is really sucking today.

RIFT: My guild is planning a massive PvP event tonight, so I’m excited. Otherwise it’s grinding as usual. I’ve always been a pretty slow leveler.

SWTOR: I’m starting to feel the hype monster creeping up for this. I hope it’s a decent game. I was so disappointed with STO, and WAR.

High Latency Love –

My Liver that little mother fucker works HARD. I have much love for him.

The Big Bear Butt Blogger is in Chicago and loving it. I love my city, and it warms my heart when someone enjoys it to.  So I gotta give him some High Latency Love.

Something Funny….

This is me and my friend at the Tinley Park Irish Parade last Sunday…I’m the one on the left with the beard.

Yes the beard is fake….and the shirt does say…”It’s a Celebration, Bitches”

With that….


4 Responses to “Weekly Lagout”

  1. For some reason I thought you were older. Nice to finally put a face to the blog.

  2. Peeing green beer?

    Well, my friend, that’s what you get for desecrating St. Paddy’s day with fake beer! I’d admonish you for not sticking to Guinness but most pints outside of Ireland really do suck. I myself drank a local ale as opposed to the Guinness (which is actually quite good at my local) but it wasn’t, thankfully green. As long as you had fun, that’s the important thing 🙂

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