A Real Sith Guild

Scary decided to fold shop of the Hill People, and I can’t blame him. Leading a guild takes hard work, dedication, and a thick skin.

I was thinking of a new model of guild for SWTOR. Well we play Sith, why not a guild if you think your current leadership is shitty, and that you can do a better job, have the ability to take that job.

A guild where if you want to be a guild leader, you challenge him to a duel. You win you are the new guild leader. If you lose you get knocked back to the lowest rank. If the guild leader loses he gets knocked down to a normal member. I envision this working for officer ranks as well. Of course there will be more rules, like level consideration, month lockouts between duels, etc.

I think it would add an extra dynamic to our game, and guild. Then again it might create some hatred as well, but hate makes you powerful.

16 Responses to “A Real Sith Guild”

  1. I think it is great idea. Maybe, you can only duel the rank above you once a week? Only an officer can duel his master and a member duel an officer ect…

    This would be perfect for a RP guild lol

  2. Is that… Darth Jasmine?

  3. That would rock! Assuming that the person in power agreed to abide by the rules and abdicate if he or she lost.

    But being Sith — and populated by MMO gamers — I find that highly unlikely XD

  4. But! That’s the kind of thinking that needs to go into the development of these systems, to codify this kind idea. I could see a “clan” system in, say, Fallen Earth, taking on this kind of mechanism.

  5. A coin lockout like in RIFT. If the guild leader is defeated by a member that has dueled their way up in rank, the original Guild Leader is emailed 2 codes. 1 code can be used by the guild leader to access guild bank, guild protected commands ie /disban ect. The other can be handed over to the new guild leader. It takes both codes to do fatal actions to the guild. Like nuclear launch keys. The original Guild Leader can hold his code as long as he wants, but as guild leaders get defeated, that code changes.

    • So basically it locks everyone out of important guild functions until both parties take the action that they are supposed to take…if one does (the winner) but the other doesn’t (the loser), then the one who doesn’t is ostracized and hopefully run out of the guild. Nice. Though I’d mail one to the new leader and one to the old, instead of BOTH to the old.

      Of course, there could be an in-game mechanic that handles this. Register your challenge, which the leader must accept. The leader sets the time and place. They acknowledge through some UI that they’re fulfilling this scheduled rite, go at it, and the winner takes all. It’s basically a duel mechanic, but guild leadership auto-transitions to the member if he defeats the leader. If the leader wins, then some other consequence for the challenger.

      • Exactly!! Make it happen Bioware. There also could be ritual Guild Leader dueling arena like the one in Clone Wars. That way people can gather and watch. We have:
        1. Lockout timer
        2. Pass code lockout
        3. E-sport
        4. Lore

  6. And… Just so “Guild Leader” is not just a title, there can be buffs fir PvE for the acting GL or other perks. How about loot off losing GL?
    Of course, the new GL would be responsible for raids, planning ect.

    I think it would add a sense of competition and another layer to the guild system. People might get bored off it, but there are times I would like to bitch slap an officer or GL and take over for a week

    • Yeah, I think there would be a lot of responsibility for the GL, which a LOT of GL’s aren’t used to, IMO. You know, like actually SHOWING UP for stuff, and CARING about their guild to actually PARTICIPATE with the rank and file.

      …wow… I guess I’m a bit bitter, there.

  7. Pitrelli Says:

    This sounds great, however most bloggers are PvE RP carebears rather than PvP realm players.

  8. Seems like beating someones head in during a dual is a wayyyy different skill set than leading a guild… soooooo… it could be very painful. LOL. Also the guildies would have to submit to the masters powers… if they liked the old master and thought the new one was a jerk then that could cause issues where they just ignore him.

  9. This system is like directly ripped off from Mechwarrior Clans… and thus has been used in some Mechwarrior Clans out there way back when.

    Not bad as an idea, but the prevention of fatal guild actions – bank wipe, guild renaming, guild disbanding – should be taken care of first.

    C out

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