Is RIFT to easy to level in?

So I was taking a dump, where all my best thinking occurs, and I’ve been seeing tons of 50’s now in RIFT, even a quarter of our guild is near or at 50, plus more gold then they know what to do with.  I remember in Dark Ages of Camelot, Warhammer, and even Vanilla WoW it was a challenge to get to max level, or at least more challenging…don’t get me started on making coin in the game.

Sure we will always have those that are hardcore, but shouldn’t there be something to slow these people down. I don’t games, should be a little like life, and one should enjoy the journey is my belief.

Perhaps I’m wrong.

10 Responses to “Is RIFT to easy to level in?”

  1. Why? I am at level 25 on my highest alt…and expect at least 2-3 months to get to max. But, these people wanted to get there NOW…so all the more power to them. It is not the games fault though…

    Of course, these will be the ones bitching that they have nothing to do…so, we can always laugh at them when they say that.

  2. I think it is fine. I’ve put in 17 hours and I’m only 18. I’m figuring it will take me 72-100 hours to reach max. To me that is good timeframe. If WoWs cap was 50, I would have 3 to max in that time. People don’t want to level anymore, they want end game stuff. I think that is where The Secret World comes in. Unless Fun Com and EA don their white hoods and take a forced collection

  3. Something to slow them down? Maybe “a job”? Or “showering”? XD

    Just kidding. I usually log in in the evening for a few hours, and I’ve noticed a corrolation between the people in the guild who are ALWAYS on, and their levels. I just suspect that you get out of it what you put into it, and people are putting a LOT of time into it.

    I’m leveling 3 characters at the same time, so I’m only in the lower 20’s/upper teens. I’m generally a sightseer, so leveling up isn’t so important to me. For others, it’s the main reason. For the rest, leveling is just a consequence of playing more often then many others.

  4. Yeah I’m voting for the “a job” and I mean really voting for “showering” good thing there’s no team-smell (ew).

    Some folks get a wee bit obsessive about their games. For some reason though these folks always make me feel like a loser for taking my sweet time to get anywhere in a game.

    But then I go off on some awesome quest I found or I end up with a 2 gig screenshot folder. I’m kinda content with that.

    It’s all about the journey, I mean if I’m going to be spending time I’m not getting back doing this stuff, I damn well better enjoy it.

  5. I play about a couple hours a night, and sometimes I don’t even do things to level, opting to work on crafting or achievements instead. needless to say, I’m still not 50 and I’m still poor as hell 😛

    so I don’t think leveling in this game is too fast. Certainly not fast like STO was, where I’d play at my normal pace, and still made level cap in a little more than a week. If someone like me can manage that, then yeah, something is up. Otherwise, it’s all good!

  6. I’m taking Rift really slow for this reason, doing exploring and taking my time with quests, crafting on the side and helping with rift clearing. unfortunately most MMOs are simply about ‘endgame’ these days, whatever that means – usually it means raiding. we will probably have to wait a long time until a new MMO goes back to being a living, breathing and dynamic world, where playing inside of it is not about ‘killing content’ but generating it..

  7. The game seemed to me, to be stupid fast to level in. I haven’t played in about a week, and think my character is still sitting at level 24. If I had been hitting it as hard now as I was then, he’s be in his late 30’s early 40’s for sure. Games used to talk about time to cap in DAYS played. Now, even here, people are measuring it in HOURS. That says a lot.

  8. I’ve been playing since release. Have made a deleted a bunch of alts. I’m only putting in about an hour a day and my max level is a 14.

    Anyone that sits at a computer for 8 hours a day will max level fast.

    Plus, remember that MMO’s are still the only games where it CAN take days or weeks to hit max level. People pay $60 for an Xbox game and “beat it” in 5 hours. Guess it is a difference in playstyle expectation between MMO players and FPS players.

  9. As a dude that has a 50 with Prestige Rank 4, and just happens to work roughly 60 hour average weeks, I can tell you:

    Yes, you can have life and accidently level 50 in this game. It’s as Shadow said, “stupid” fast in comparison to most other MMOs that use a levelling system.

    No, we didn’t enjoy the leveling or questing. Mainly because it’s pop-culture referencing, barely a story to be told, mixture of every fairy story we have ever been subjected to and hard to hold our attention. Granted, the progression of Kain story was somewhat interesting, I’ve never had an NPC slap me before and LIVE.

    Honestly, when I heard the voice acting in Realm of the Fae, I turned that feature right off. Only every so often do I hear a laughing guildie go “Dude, turn on your voice, you gotta hear this guy.” I don’t hold the poor storyline of the game against it. I came here for PVP and quality competition. Does that mean I have to read quest?

    But don’t be fooled. Those that were 50 early didn’t need to do it using a ‘poop sock.’ It is fairly easy, so long as you don’t get distracted.

    EG excessive crafting, chatting theory, unlock chasing, or the notorious GF/BF/Wife/Husband/Cat/orothercompanion agro.

    As for something to slow them down?

    They are doing a version of it today with the content patch. Upgrades to the RIFT system and rewards is the real answer. I’m at work so I don’t have the ability to get you the link on the forums, but its hitting today.

    Trion heard the feedback, and is taking the right measures. Levelling was easy fast and the content just isn’t enough to hold us to admire it. I think they are making some proper steps. Maybe ones that should have been noticed in Beta, and maybe some of us wouldn’t be 50 right now. 😀

  10. I agree. Though it’s quite nice that it’s not a total grind, I’m taking measures to make sure I don’t rush. I’ve been playing since the first evening of headstart and I haven’t really played alts much and I’m level 39. That’s still pretty fast, sure, but I could probably be closer to 50 if I hadn’t bothered messing around with exploring, artifacts, professions, achievements and just kept levelling. And I’m glad I did it this way. Rushing always leaves you with less to do in the end – I’d rather enjoy the journey for longer. I don’t know how long I’ll play Rift for, but I know for sure I’d like to keep going until I get bored.

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